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Hilgraeve is recognized as the leader in advanced communications software and services. Since 1982, Hilgraeve has been providing customers with the tools to support their mission-critical communications.

Hilgraeve continues this tradition with the release of the HyperSend Secure Internet Delivery service. HyperSend is more secure than email, and avoids the complications of FTP.  Corporations in healthcare, financial services, and the print industry are using HyperSend to move large files securely and reliably, saving money on overnight packages, expensive leased lines, and phone banks.

Product Spotlight
HyperSend is a customizable secure delivery platform capable of moving files of any size securely and reliably across the Internet. HyperSend is available through both a public site,, and as a dedicated server in either Hilgraeve's or your data centers. HyperSend features a suite of automation tools, allowing it to act as the secure delivery mechanism for existing business processes. If the current tools can't meet your needs, HyperSend can be customized to fit your particular security requirements.

DropChute Products
The award-winning DropChute family of instant file delivery software makes it easy to securely transfer files between any two computers on the Internet or using modem-to-modem connections. Find out why more companies are using DropChute to replace overnight delivery, ftp and email file attachments.

HyperACCESS is the most advanced 32-bit terminal communications software for accessing telnet sites, terminal-to-host communications, and file transfer. Find out why PC Magazine called HyperACCESS, "the best terminal program you can buy!"

HyperTerminal Private Edition
HyperTerminal Private Edition is a more powerful version of HyperTerminal, which comes with Windows XP and Vista. Version 6.3 of HyperTerminal PE is guaranteed Y2K ready, and adds new terminal emulation features.

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