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cleardot.gif (85 bytes) cleardot.gif (85 bytes) cleardot.gif (85 bytes) HyperACCESS Pro is the most comprehensive OS/2 communications software ever available for PC-to-PC remote control or accessing BBSs, Internet telnet sites, online services, and host computers through modems, the Internet or LANs. The top-of-the-line product from Hilgraeve, the leading OS/2 communications software manufacturer since 1989, HyperACCESS Pro is 100% native 32-bit code, and fully exploits OS/2 multiple threads, semaphores, and GUI. It’s the ultimate OS/2 communications program.

HyperACCESS Pro shows its award-winning heritage with:

  • Elegant simplicity - like HyperACCESS Lite, our product that IBM bundles with OS/2 Warp.
  • Rugged reliability - like HyperACCESS/5, the top-selling OS/2 communications program since 1989 and three-time Editor’s Choice of PC Magazine.
  • Visual appeal, performance and programmability - HyperACCESS for OS/2, Best New Communications Software of 1995 per OS/2 Professional.
  • Powerful remote control - like our popular KopyKat product, only better!

The versatility to tackle all your online needs
HyperACCESS Pro makes accessing BBSs, online services, and Internet telnet sites easy, yet gives you the power and depth to achieve your enterprise-wide connectivity goals:

  • Automate - Perform any online access process, even multi-site polling applications or unattended file transfers, hands-free!
  • Customize - Define custom buttons or keys for your own use, or to simplify online processes for employees or customers.
  • Access Hosts - Access virtually any host computer that supports asynchronous terminals.
  • Transfer Files - Ship files to or from remote PCs or host computers, fast and error-free.
  • Remote Maintenance - Solve problems or do routine software maintenance on distant OS/2 PCs, without leaving your office
  • Remote Support - Provide training or technical support to other OS/2 PC users through a modem, the Internet, or LANs.
  • Application/Resource Sharing - Put shared data applications or hardware resources (databases, compilers, CDROMs, printers) on a common PC to be accessed by others through LANs or modems.
  • Remote LAN Access - Dial in to a PC connected to your LAN, to use e-mail, host connections, check progress of backups, etc.
  • Telecommuting - Operate your work PC from home or on the road.

With the ease and convenience you want!
Whether you’re accessing online systems, host computers, or remote PCs, you’ll find setup easy, thanks to built-in support for 100s of modems and automatic port detection. It’s guaranteed to work with your modem or your money back.

You can use baud rates up to 57,600 bps through COM1-COM4 with standard OS/2 drivers, or up to 115,200 bps with 3rd party drivers such as SIO.SYS (a shareware copy is included). Or connect easily through direct serial cable connections, the Internet, TCP/IP, NetBIOS, or SPX/IPX networks, multi-port boards, or serial cables.

Create or edit Phonebook entries with a few simple clicks. Comes with ready-to-use entries for CompuServe, MCI Mail, and many more. Just double-click an entry to start communicating.

Get instant results with CommSense!
You can access new systems just by entering their phone numbers or Internet addresses. CommSense (pat. pending) figures out settings for you, or lets you continue to set parameters manually.

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