1 & 1 IONOS Web Hosting Review, Pros And Cons

1 & 1 IONOS Web Hosting Review

Emerging as the largest brands of Internet services, 1 & 1 IONOS is the best web hosting provider for cloud hosting.  With almost three decades of service providing, IONOS is always regarded as the actual mastodon in the online industry. It has met all the required standards and was able to sustain itself for an extended period and is hence regarded as the global player.

It placed its first step in the industry in the year 1988 as one of the online ad seller known as 1 & 1 EDV Marketing. The company is well known for making many strategic changes during those years till date and then eventually it is expanding on the international fold with a full-time focus on the web hosting services. Hence, by giving a brief look to the website, you can easily make out that how deep its German roots are. The entire working is done with transparency, quality, and privacy factors in mind. All the information is provided in a detailed manner with hardly any fine printing done or footnotes attached.

1 & 1 IONOS hosting comes up with the number of plans which includes:

•    Free domain service for the initial 12 months

•    Daily backup’s facility

•    24*7 customer executive support

•    SSL certificate

•    Unlimited traffic benefit

•    Both anti-phishing and the anti-spam protection

•    Linux and Windows servers

IONOS hosting is something easily customizable and powerful and is more than the simple ones, and it can be used for availing services like:

•    Virtual Private Server: VPS or vServer offers access along with the dedicated resources which can be easily configured as per the requirement. One can make use of the built-in security, all-time executive support, 100% SSD storage along with the robust infrastructure, which makes it quite an attractive package to be opted for.  Even for the optimal level of performance, you can select any of the data centers between the UK, US, and Europe.

•    Cloud Hosting: A wide range of varieties are being made available at the IONOS. You may not end up with finding anything new if you compare it with the other Cloud Hosting offers. However, if you provide a close look at the specifications of the hosting, you will find that it comparatively makes extra facilities available for the professional users.

•    Dedicated servers: it is regarded as the best option for the projects which has got a good demand. IONOS could be possibly used up to the optimum level, and it helps in providing a competitive advantage to the user.


It is regarded as one of the most affordable web hostings.  In the introductory phase, they provide you with a cheap one year plan so that you get to know and be compatible with the working mechanism. However, further, the plan price goes higher, which is still considered to be affordable.

•    The business version is for specifically a project or website and is charged $1 per month for the initial 12 months, which then further goes to $8 per month. 

•    Pro version is for the larger web projects and is charged $5 per month for the initial 12 months and then further goes to $10 per month.

•    Expert version is for the large size web-based multiple projects and is charged $9 per month for the initial 12 months and then further $14 per month.

However, when you compare the pricing with the other brand hosts, you will find it quite reasonable. They might place the hard caps on all the plans, but they even maintain the transparency level at the same time. 

Relative options

Though it was previously started with the intention of hosting but now, it is providing many opportunities. It has even emerged as the maximum domain registrars. The products offered will be in an integrated form which is considered to be pro for most of the people. Daily backup’s facility for the server is being provided along with the application which needs to be installed within their backend. When it comes to comparison, it is competing fairly.

Relative performance

Every website hosting server needs to make sure that they are capable enough to deliver their website files both quickly and reliably as and when required. IONOS has set its industry standard, and one opts for it confidently without making use of any specific monitoring tools.

They provide good memory capacity for running the websites in an uninterrupted manner. It is often seen that the cheaply available web hosting services quite often skimp on the memory provided, which is often ignored by the customers.

Customer service

The executives are readily available to support you by providing the 24*7 service for the entire year. Every customer is dealt in a serious manner, and all the problem are settled within a reasonable time. The experts make themselves available via call, chat, email as per the request made and convenience of the customers.

Pros and cons of the IONOS Web Hosting

Lets Begin With Pros Of IONOS Web Hosting

  • The SSL certificate ensures safety and security to the website visitors
  • Flexibility in the scaling system is available for the severs performance
  • Every client is provided with the personal assistant for help
  • It has got a redundant geographical structure, which makes sure that the availability is 100% along with the high speed
  • They value the money investment made from your end.

Cons Of IONOS Web Hosting

  • Though the site looks modern, still it requires updating when compared to the free content builders available or the other site engines
  • The procedure of creation of a new account can be possibly made smoother
  • The live chat option can probably be an excellent addition to the supporting list
  • The product ranges offered to be in a bloated state in the present moment.


IONOS is considered to be ideal for individual and small businesses. It has got enough features and exclusive plans within the competitive price. The Backups makes sure that the site is secured and at a time when things would go wrong, the SSL certificate would make the required processing payments via the websites in a secured manner. Even the unlimited traffic facility will make sure that eh site will not be crashing even with the increased number of visitors.

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