A2Hosting Review, Pros And Cons

A2Hosting Review

If you’re analyzing the market options available to you for web hosting, one of the top suggestions you’ll come across will be A2Hosting. This article will take you through an A2Hosting review that will deal with both the pros and cons of using this platform. After going through this A2Hosting review, you will be able to make the perfect choice for your web decisions.

The A2Hosting Company was launched in 2003. This company does lesser advertisements and promotions than its contemporaries. Theirs is more of a low-key approach. And yet, their server speed is one of the best offered in the market.

The biggest advantage of using the company’s service is that the speed of the websites offered by them is not just good, it’s actually fantastic. Further, the customer service offered by the company is also friendly and dedicated. The refund policy is liberal in a way you will not have seen in the past. And to top it off, their security features are also abundant in variety.

A2Hosting Plans

  1. Lite Plan: At $3.92 per month, the basic plan offers 1 website, 5 databases, unlimited storage, unlimited transfer, cPanel, anytime money back guarantee and free SSD & SSL.
  2. Swift Plan: At $4.90 per month you will get unlimited websites, databases, storage & transfer, along with cPanel access, free SSD & SSL and the anytime money back guarantee.
  3. Turbo Plan: At $ 9.31 per month, this plan offers you everything the other plans do, but with the addition of the A2Hosting Site accelerator and the Turbo feature which is 20 times faster.

A2Hosting Listed Features

A2Hosting Pros And Cons

Lets Begin With Pros

Speed: A website’s loading speed is extremely important. It is a fact that slow loading websites have a lower visitor retention. And so, having a website that responds quickly is very important. A2Hosting is the perfect solution for this. The website’s USP is its speed, and you’ll see their website talking about this a lot. So much so, even their price plans are named in such a way that they relate to speeding.

Support: A2Hosting really care about giving their customers the best experience possible. They offer their support to the customers through a knowledge data base of articles in the hundred that you can refer to at any time. The even provide one on one help through chatting services via a live chat, telephonic communication and even ticket based services.

Security: One of the trickiest part about website hosting is to keep the website fast, but also secure. The logic is pretty simple when you think about it. Security involves firewalls and scans, which can easily slow down the website. But that’s not the case with A2Hosting.

A2Hosting works with a security service called HackScan. They run all day, every day, checking for any attacks that might come your website’s way and even protects from Malware. For the more technical readers, A2Hosting even takes care of DDoS breakouts, making sure that even unexpected surges don’t damage your website. You and your website are both safe.

Features & Apps: The Company allows you to work with a large number of Content Management Systems, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla or even OpenCart. Some of these even come with a special optimized Plugin. The SiteBuilder is A2Hosting’s own website builder. It is user-friendly and allows you a lot of customization freedom. For professional agencies and developers, A2Hosting comes with a host of tools that provide additional access to servers.

Site Transfer: Unlike most website hosting services, A2 offers the transfer free of cost. The customer simply has to approach the customer support along with credentials of their cPanel account. The different plans that you opt to allow a different number of websites that can be transferred free of cost. As long as you can provide access to cPanel, there are no charges. But if that is not the case, you might have to pay a small fee.

Unique “Anytime” Money-Back Guarantee: When I read about their refund policy, I wasn’t quite sure I was reading it right. And so I read it again, a few times over. A2Hosting’s dedication to customer satisfaction becomes undoubtedly when you read this. If you cancel your account within 30 days, you will be refunded the entire amount you paid. If you opt for this option after 30 days, you will receive a prorated refund that covers the unused months and services.

Ipage PayPal refund is issued after 120 days on the payments processing dates and suspended account won’t get a refund due to the refund policy

Now that we’ve seen the pros, here are some of the cons of using A2Hosting.

  1. The last 2 years have seen the uptime of the websites slipping up a little. An analysis done by a professional showed that over the last 16 months, the lowest uptime witnessed each month was at an average of 99.83%.
  2. A2Hosting offers some amazing deals and discounts for first-time users. In fact long-term plans offer the maximum advantage. However, when it comes to renewal, it can take a hit since renewal can only be done at the usual costs, no discounts. Summary? You’ll be paying the double of what you paid earlier.
  3. If you’re discouraged by the renewal charges or policy, you can opt to have it cancelled. The catch? This cancellation request must be written, and must be made at least 15 days prior to the renewal term. If you get delayed, you will have to pay for that month’s renewal.
  4. The cheapest plan offered by A2Hosting is extremely low priced, especially when you compare it to its contemporaries. So what’s the con, that’s what you must be wondering, right? When you compare the offering of cheapest plans of multiple websites, you see that A2Hosting offers very little.


If you’re looking for a website server that offers you great speed and great price combinations, A2Hosting is the answer for you. But it is important to go through the disadvantages carefully before you make a commitment. You’ll want all the information before you put your money down, right?

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