Best Gadgets To Use In Deceive Inc

Deceive Inc is a multiplayer shooter that requires you to become an expert in espionage and use the power of deception to safely extract an important briefcase. While you are on these dangerous missions, it’s up to you to choose two different gadgets to bring that will influence the tide of combat.

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These over-the-top spy gadgets you can use will range from remote cameras, to automated turrets, shield scramblers, trip wires, spyglass, and even inflatable jump pads. If you are curious about which of these gadgets you should take on your missions, then check out the list below.

10 Hack Trap

An image of Chavez punching Squire from Decieve Inc

The Hack Trap is a niche gadget you or your team can place on various electronic devices around the map. If an enemy interacts with any of these trapped electronics, they are tracked with a marker for a period of time.

While this gadget may seem great at first glance, many of the spies in the game have tracking abilities already built into their kits, so they should never use the Hack Trap. Furthermore, since the marker only activates if an enemy interacts with a specific trapped object, this gadget may never provide you with any information for the entire length of a match.

9 Signal Scrambler

An image of Yu Mi jumping down on her opponent from Deceive Inc.

The Signal Scrambler is a mini version of Yu-Mi’s EMP ability, which deactivates other gadgets in a small range. Sadly, unlike Yu-Mi’s signature ability, the Signal Scrambler does not reveal enemies or slow their movements.

Since the Signal Scrambler is only used to disable other gadgets, this item can be incredibly clutch or completely useless. If there are multiple enemies camping locations such as Ace or transforming into props with the Holo Mimic, this gadget is the perfect choice to disrupt their schemes.

8 Shield-Brella

An image of the Shield Brella gadget from Deceive Inc

If you are in a sudden gunfight, deploy the Shield-Brella to protect yourself from gunfire, forcing your opponents to waste their ammo on your holographic barrier. While you may feel unstoppable whenever you wield this umbrella, do not overestimate the shield’s power, since this gadget can only block a couple of bullets before it breaks.

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Furthermore, since some spies in the game have unique abilities that protect them from damage, remember that this gadget is better suited to DPS units such as Madame Xiu and Cavaliere.

7 Recon Drone

An image of Squire from Deceive Inc using a gadget. This agent also wields a silenced pistol.

The Recon Drone is a flying robotic camera that can traverse the map quickly and provide the user with information from a safe distance. This drone is so useful because it can stealthily showcase which of your opponents are disguising themselves as NPCs, all while keeping you far away from combat.

However, your character will be left immobile and vulnerable to attacks whenever you deploy the recon drone. To best utilize this gadget, ensure you are in a secure location before activating it.

6 Goo Pod

An image of the Good Pod explosion from Deceive Inc which leaves a green field on the grown that slows movement

The Goo Pod is a grenade that can be used to control your opponent’s movements or lock down key hallways. Similar to Viper’s abilities from Valorant, this grenade explodes in a green mist that slows down anyone trapped within.

Furthermore, the Goo Pod can be used as a sticky mine, planted on key areas of the map, and remotely detonated when an enemy crosses over the area. This is particularly useful for the end of the game when the team with the briefcase must rush to the extraction point.

5 Automated Turret

An image of the Automated Turret from Deceive Inc, a turret and camera that attacks enemies.

The Automated Turret is a gadget that can deal extra damage during combat or secure vision on key points of interest. Similar to other gadgets, you simply throw this piece of equipment onto the ground, transforming this small projectile into a standing turret.

While the turret typically provides extra fire during gunfights, the camera attached to the gadget can also provide you and your team with valuable information. Any time the turret is deployed, you can reuse the gadget to look through the remote camera and catch any suspicious activity.

4 Tripwire

An image of the Tripwire from Deceive Inc, which can be used to remove enemy's disguises.

The Tripwire gadget is a great tool to create choke points or close off different entry points. This gadget is quite easy to set up, simply requiring you to connect two points together.

Remember that the Tripwire gadget does not harm spies that walk through it but removes the disguise of any player that passes through the electric beam. While this gadget is not always useful for mobile agents, spies like Ace love to camp in a single area with their sniper rifle. To ensure safety while sniping, the tripwire is the perfect gadget to stop anyone who is trying to sneak up on you.

3 Holo Mimic

An image of Squire from Deceive Inc preparing to use his Holo Mimic and transform into an object on the map.

If you are a fan of popular Prop Hunt game modes, then the Holo Mimic will make you feel right at home. This gadget allows you to disguise yourself as different items across the map to blend in with your surroundings. Transforming into unsuspecting furniture in key locations across the map allows you to surprise any unsuspecting agents while they interact with different objects across the map.

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Not only can you transform into items to surprise unsuspecting enemies, but you can also move around the map slowly as these pieces of furniture. While traveling around as a potted plant is not the smartest strategy to achieve victory, it can still make for some funny scenarios.

2 Bounce Mat

An image of the Bounce Mat from Deceive Inc, which can be thrown onto the ground to create a jump pad or avoid fall damage.

The Bounce Mat is another very popular gadget because it can be used in different scenarios. This item can be thrown onto the ground to form a large jump pad, launching you into the air in whichever direction you are facing.

Most of the maps in the game feature tall buildings or multi-leveled structures, so the Bounce Mat is typically used to quickly jump between different floors to escape combat. Furthermore, throwing the Bounce Mat while falling and successfully landing on the gadget will mitigate all fall damage, ensuring you can escape from situations quickly.

1 Spyglass

An image of the Spyglass from Deceive Inc, which can discreetly collect intel from afar.

Uncontested as the greatest gadget in the game, the spyglass is a tool you should bring into every mission. While playing the game, you will come across locked doors that require you to spend intel points to open them. Sadly, without the spyglass, the only way to collect intel is by accessing computers that regular NPCs will never interact with.

Luckily, the spyglass offers a discreet way to gain intel while disguised as an NPC. By aiming at a computer with the spyglass, you can remain as an NPC and collect intel while traveling around the map. Best of all, as long as you remain disguised, other players will never be able to see the spyglass animations.

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