ChemiCloud Review Genuine, Pros And Cons { Cheap Hosting }

ChemiCloud Review

If the evaluation is to be made on the basis of hosting services offered, ChemiCloud is considered to provide the best hosting experience. They are reliable, secured, and at the same time, make use of the latest technology. They are remembered for offering the best technical support with 24*7 services. The entire working mechanism is conducted in a transparent manner, and no such luring unlimited plans are actually offered from the company side which would require further up-gradation later. All the terms of the services to be offered are mentioned or informed in a clear manner which has even not got any hidden fees.

ChemiCloud Review Genuine, Pros And Cons { Cheap Hosting }

These are the new addition to the hosting market. However, they are gaining a good reputation in the market with quality services and performance. They offer free domain name facility, free daily back up and restoration facility, with every server being HTTP/2 enabled, a quick executive responding assistance. Even the pricing policy is quite fair with the same renewal amount charged every year. You can even claim back for the money invested if you find that the services offered do not meet up to their required standard within 45 days of the services availed. They even provide cloud shared hosting, which would ensure the optimum allocation of the resources with the higher uptime.

So, with ChemiCloud, you even enjoy the benefit of multiple located servers without any extra charges imposed. So, one can have server locations in New York, Singapore, Bucharest, London, Amsterdam, and San Francisco.

Features of ChemiCloud are:

•    Free installation and site transfer facility

•    45days guaranteed money back facility

•    SSD hosting

•    Daily option to do the backup

•    Restorations on demand

•    Cloud-based server hosting


Every customer would wish to enjoy the fastest service. The loading time taken for the websites is an issue if you expect a good rate of conversion. If the sites work faster, then it will help you to make more money. So, even if you look at the Google search, the speed of loading is considered to be a ranking factor. Hence, keeping the sites snappy is recommended.

It has been calculated that the ChemiCloud has got a response time of 490ms on an average basis. This is almost equal to the other similar hosting service providers. Well, as the ChemiCloud is a cloud-based hosting service provider, it makes sure that the sites get access to all the allocated resources. The users even enjoy access to free CDN. This helps in a faster loading facility for the sites. At the same time, all the servers are enabled with the HTTP/2 facility, which helps in to provide better performance level.


Uptime is considered to be the backbone for the online business. As per the researches made in the past years, it has been stated that a downtime even for a minute can cost you a lot in monetary terms. If you are expecting for the higher conversion rate, then uptime will certainly matter to you. ChemiCloud is providing an uptime of 99.9% guarantee on papers.

Every hosting account is isolated so that the entire server is not affected by the individual activities. They add up some web application firewall, which is further accompanied by the proactive monitoring service providers. Even they provide the Kernel Care security system, which makes sure that all the security patches are installed on the servers without any reboot option requirement and downtime hindrance. Even proper customization codes are provided, which permits healthy traffic entry only and mitigates the bad dots. At the same time, 24 hours monitoring of the servers is done. Hence, every unwanted hindrance is settled from the online side.


The technical support system plays a very decisive role when it comes to choosing a hosting company. Well, if a non-techy individual has to manage a website, then he would certainly look for the team of experts who would assist them. ChemiCloud comes up with the team of people who are always ready to provide the round of clock assistance. All the problems, whether it is related to the unsupported plugin or hacked sites, can be easily sorted out.

As per records, the average time of 15minutes is taken from their side to provide a response to the customers if the support tickets are raised. However, the live chats are responded within just 2seconds. So, you can expect good supportive assistance.


ChemiCloud offers multiple numbers of plans for all its users with multiple ranges based on price. So, you can avail any of the packages as per the requirement and technical stack. The plans are tailor-made in such a manner that it can fit into any budget of the customer. However, the best thing is that the renewal prices to be charged remain the same.

They even come up with the special WordPress hosting related plans designed for the bloggers. A separate server is configured for hosting the WordPress sites. It helps in quick loading facility and even helps to improve the rank number. Even to manage the site well, theme installation with WP Command Line Interface at no cost is provided. The WordPress plans vary from the $3.95 per month to $10.95 per month while the Linux hosting plans ranges around $2.95 per month to $9.95 per month.

Pros of ChemiCloud

•    The free facility of daily backup.

•    The free facility of site migration

•    45 days cash back options can be availed

•    SSD hosting

•    Servers are HTTP/2 enabled

Cons of ChemiCloud

•    Pricing policies vary from time to time

•    You cannot avail the option of unlimited storage 

ChemiCloud is considered an ideal choice for new start-up sites. With an excellent support system, it is even recognized for its performance level. However, it offers limited storage options of 5, 10, 20 and 40 gigabytes, which is though regarded to be enough for the normal sites but is not preferred by the larger content ones.

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