DreamHost Review, Pros And Cons

DreamHost Web Hosting Review

DreamHost is one of the best hosting service providers in the industry, DreamHost, offers the best-in-class solutions that are scalable to suit the growing needs of its customers. The provider offers various types of hosting services like Managed, Shared, VPS, Web, and dedicated website hosting with a bunch of personalized and characteristic features, all grouped in a standard and engaging package.

The DreamHost registration process is just as simple as any others with the provider asking you to pick a domain name from the available list offering flexibility to choose domain names as per their business needs. You will have to provide your necessary details or want to go with a sub-domain to skip the registration process. Upon completion of the registration process, the users can immediately log in to the control panel to view the welcome email.

Over the years, DreamHost has sustained in the hosting industry and is well-known for its substantial 97-day money-back assurance. They also support cloud hosting and other computing services to expand their portfolio and develop consistency. 

DreamHost Shared Hosting

DreamHost’s most significant advantage is the shared hosting packages they offer. Their shared hosting plans are best suited for small businesses, and its one-click set-up process for WordPress consists of automatic updates. The computing resources provided include memory, network, email accounts, and domains with no cap. Shared hosting includes:

  • Single domain registration for free
  • No cap storage and bandwidth
  • Host unlimited website and email accounts
  • One-click application installation

DreamHost VPS and Dedicated Hosting

The VPS plan is bundled with a free trial of its MySQL VPS supplementary. VPS hosting and dedicated hosting packages consists of SSD hosting and ascendable compute instances. DreamHost offers various dedicated server plans which start at just $149 per month.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

They offer shared and fully-managed WordPress hosting services apart from the traditional website hosting solutions. The cheapest plan starts at USD 2 a month and is bundled with some unlimited features. Their one-click installation feature is the best in WordPress Hosting packages.

  • Pre-programmed WordPress security patches
  • A private IP address for e-commerce websites
  • Unrestricted bandwidth

Cloud Hosting

DreamHost has three types of cloud hosting plans—512MB RAM Server, 2GB RAM Server, and 8GB RAM Server, which can be bundled with either Linux or Windows operating systems. These excellent cloud packages start at USD 4.5 per month, which can be extended as per requirements.

DreamHost Features:

Commitment to Customers

  • For overtimes, DreamHost nurtures fundamental values, such as a 100% uptime assurance to serve the customers round the clock.
  • DreamHost zealously safeguards user information by enforcing robust security policies, which includes domain level privacy and SSL/TLS certificates at free of cost.
  • With their best in-house expert support team, they ensure to address the queries of their customers 24×7.
  • All the customer support experts are well-trained and respond to user queries via live chat and email.
  • A dedicated team closely monitors and manages the build, deployment, and support for all their services.
  • The managed services team goes a step beyond to fine-tune all the applications as and when required to make sure the system is up-to-date.

Cloud Computing 

  • They offer SSD cloud servers at discounted rates, which can be provisioned as per user requirements.
  • The virtual instances can be monitored and managed through full root access and Open Stack API.
  • For the cloud, storage needs object storage packages are available, which can also be integrated with WordPress to systematize several tasks.


  • DreamHost offers great domain privacy with all the required security policies. They also provide ICANN-accreditation that provides improved safety and security.
  • The domain names are secured and can also be forwarded with auto-renewal options. The domain names can be managed using DNS management tools effortlessly.


  • Dream Host’s tariffs seem reasonable, and it is clean without any hidden charges. The basic monthly plan starts around $11. Based on your specific needs and requirements, you can go ahead to customize your package and personalize it by adding add-ons. 
  • You can opt to pay your bills either monthly or yearly.


DreamHost has designed its custom-built control panel for management of services and plans. The simple, uncluttered user interface offers better user experience with the overall management of their hosting account. Additionally, the site builder called Remixer allows the users to easily communicate with the support team and access knowledgebase and forums straightaway from the control panel.

E-commerce Websites:

DreamHost provides the free Zen Cart, which is specific to E-commerce websites and can be installed from the control panel. This is an open-source online shopping cart application that allows the users to check out the items that they have purchased rapidly. DreamHost also allows its customers to track and monitor traffic using Chartbeat analytics tool.

Here is a quick recap of DreamHost’s pros and cons.

Lets Begin Pros

  • Full money-back assurance.
  • Award-winning hosting services
  • Featured on WordPress
  • No restriction to plugins
  • No initial set-up charges
  • Rationally priced hosting plans.
  • SSL certificates and domain names at free of cost.
  • User’s selection of services

Cons Of DreamHost

  • Lack of Windows-based servers. 
  • Manual migration of domain transfers
  • No telephonic support.
  • Protracted money-back guarantee is restricted to specific shared hosting plans only
  • Unavailability of reseller hosting plans.
  • Unavailability of support towards CPanel or Plesk.


DreamHost provides a groundbreaking approach to hosting solutions with their migration towards cloud services recently. Lack of reputed control panel tools can be a disadvantage at times, but based on your requirements, their custom control panels can be advantageous too. DreamHost is the best option for those users with demanding needs to host several domains. Thanks to the easy availability of great tools which can be used to build websites, monitor traffic, do some research on performance? With their excellent uptime and performance, they stand out as one of the best hosting providers. For those who look for reasonably priced hosting solutions along with best performance needs, DreamHost is the most recommended choice.    

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