Fastcomet Review


FastComet is a relatively new hosting business offering a wide variety of facilities for Website housing.

  • The official document claims the firm began its business as a service provider for system administration and extended in 2013 into a web hosting business.
  • In October 2017, we began to track FastComet (fundamental schedule–StartSmart). This evaluation is focused on information collected from our FastComet exam facility and feedback from the Internet from the government consumer.
  • You can readily develop a professional-looking page with FastComet’s website builder; it’s a substantial drag and drops instrument that can be used by almost anyone even without any technical abilities.

It’s amazingly easy to manage your FastComet account as your dashboard is intended to be intuitive and easy for anyone to use. With their one-stop customer dashboard, you can manage all of your vital duties, such as loading applications or handling your charges.

Features of fastComet

FastComet supports server techniques such as NGINX, HTTP/2, and PHP2 to guarantee you have all the instruments you need to maintain your page quick for those who are concerned about web velocity.

One-stop customer console–from your FastComet customer console, you can monitor everything.

There are over 300 + templates and 40 + widget you can choose to kick-start your creativity. If you’re speaking of putting up a devoted IP address on their shared hosting scheme, you’re out of luck as FastComet only provides it on their VPS schemes, which will pay you a bit more.

What is particularly frustrating is that they don’t even permit you to charge for the provider on their shared hosting schemes, which implies that if you want a devoted IP address, you have no option but to upgrade.

VPS hosting options

  • Concerning the characteristics offered by FastComet, compared to its inventory, I would suggest that at this price level, it is about zero for the course. It provides real value for cash in some fields.
  • For instance, they offer free migration for one website and a free domain for life even at the lowest tier shared hosting plan. 
  • Some hosts charge a lot for the migration service, and at this price level most probably won’t offer you a private domain!

Speed is as high as uptime at least. Faster pages see significantly increased levels of transformation, stronger SEO, and stronger customer satisfaction. In contrast, end-users and search engines punish inactive websites.

I checked FastComet for the median of the server to deliver the first byte, with three distinct instruments, and I completely loaded the homepage of my WordPress site.

The findings were excellent. Although the TTFB is slightly standard, only DreamHost took the moment it took for the website to function thoroughly. However, all conclusions increased substantially in October 2018, with the moment available in comparison with last month for charging almost triple at the moment. The Californians have a robust infrastructure that right hosting specialists maintain. Check for any technical blog posts or the knowledge base submissions for an overview.

Up to lately, SiteGround was the undisputed top one. I would be challenging to find out the definite victor if I were to add FastComet to SiteGround assistance. There’s a strong assistance squad in FastComet.

Many users have registered domain names, but I have never seen them for free. FastComet is what its fresh clients are promising. Purchase a shared hosting plan, register the domain for free and, as long as you are a FastComet customer, renew it for free.

One of the primary disadvantages of mutual storage is the irregular allocation of resources. Sometimes, a site that is poorly configured – or accessed can drag database energy, delaying all other web addresses that are hosting there. FastComet guarantees that each location will have very excellent account separation and committed assets.

Eight data centers are sounding amazing as they are.

FastComet also has databases that are optimized. The star efficiency is provided by SSDs across the table and a couple of velocity boosters. In all interactive reports, aggressive GZIP compression, browser-optimized material, lossless compression of information, asynchronous asset charging, and KeepAlive are allowed by definition.

And if this technical babbling sounds as gibberish as I suspect it might be, don’t worry as you don’t have to comprehend any of it.

It’s gentle enough that FastComet’s folks understand how to configure these techniques so that all the company-hosted locations execute at optimum rates.

Advanced account separation through CageFS and Cloud Linux ensures that malware will not be distributed across the server by an affected device.

The business Web Application Firewall (WAF) is optimized for Magento, WordPress, and Joomla, the most shared content management systems. It prevents 99 percent of all efforts to enter the host locations unlawfully.

Overall, the primary constraint seems to be the amount of distinctive monthly trips your scheme can manage, which I honestly think is excellent. 

This enables them to deliver more in terms of characteristics, after all. In any event, as tourists expand, so does the use of resources.

FastComet has a flat-line admission and renewal fee, so what you’re going to receive when you sign up is what you’re going to receive further down the path unless you purchase a stronger scheme.

 These rates are also on the level with the discounted prices offered by many suppliers. That’s relatively common, and the privacy meter bodes well.

The flat-line admission and renewal fee for FastComet is quite uncommon and bodes well on the transparency meter.

Fastcomet backup and security

  • The FastComet system provides regular and quarterly data backup schedule. They back up to an autonomous memory agreement for each client file, including databases and messages. 
  • They guarantee that no data loss will occur even when confronted with the worst harm to the storage device.
  • FastComet databases are extremely shielded, and WordPress, Joomla, and Magento have a firewall-optimized web application. 
  • This could discourage a peak amount of sensitive risks. New risks such as WannaCry Ransomware assault create it so essential for every housing company around the globe to enhance safety characteristics.

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