GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review, Pros And Cons

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review

GreenGeeks has emerged as one of the environment-friendly web hosting service provider in the market for more than a decade with a unique motive and goal. It has come up as one of the stable, healthy, and reasonably competitive company in the market. Encompassing a global workforce, their customer capacity is increasing to over 150 nations with full cent commitment towards the environment.

It is known that the data centers consume a massive amount of energy, of which almost half the amount of energy is required simply for the cooling purpose. Hence, in order to make a reduction in the carbon footprints, GreenGeeks replenishes it back with more than 3times of the power consumed back in the grid via renewable sources of energy.

Services offered via GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks makes available a wide range of products and offers. However, you need to  select any of the hosting plans as per the requirement, and the list includes:

Dedicated Hosting

Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

Reseller Hosting

All the hosting plans could be easily customized with the latest version of the cPanel. So yes you can consider that the GreenGeeks is considered to be the right choice as it makes available a number of things which includes: 

•    SSD storage for every plan with a blazing speed

•     Free registration for the domain facility for the initial first year

•    Environment-friendly data centers with no other hidden fees charged

•    Unlimited bandwidth with the storage facility

•    Enjoy the hosting for the infinite number of websites

•    Free backup and updating facility

As per the reviews are concerned, GreenGeeks comes up with a number of features at an affordable rate. Be it a blogger, owner of any size of business or only a developer, and it ensures that the secured, as well as the fast website, is created.

•    Ease of use:

The account managing portal of GreenGeeks is streamlined and managed in an excellent manner. Any user can register for the new domains, request for the site migration or adjust their billing info tab by themselves. Even when it comes to assistance, the customers make use of easy contact and calling support agents.

Apart from the seamless hosting with the cPanel integration facility, the interface is quite friendly with the inclusion of the VPS plans. Even the customers who wish to use the free site building capacity are not found to be disappointed. 

•    Pricing:

GreenGeeks are priced in a quite competitive manner when compared to the other host.  Even paying extra dollar money would not be a concern for the people, if additional premium facilities are being made available. Along with the excellent quality hosting services, the price imposed upon the customers is almost twice to what is charged by the top VPS host.

•    Reliability and support:

It has got an excellent storage configuration along with the speedy drives, proper backups, and restoration facility. Even at the uptimes, it is able to keep all the contents of the customer online and available.

It provides remarkable responses to all the queries made with the minimum issue resolution time taken. The executives are available 24*7 to provide assistance by all means. It has earned the right name by providing top quality solutions to its very customer.

•    Secured environment for the hosting: 

With the double-pronged approach, it ensures safety to the account by settling and making use of the account isolation and the secured vFS. Even the accounts siloed bear the capability of protecting the users from the resource hogs at their own server environments. The accounts are appropriately secured even against the malware scanning.

•    Comfortable handling of the high traffic:

GreenGeeks has the capability of managing their entire group of people at any time of the day. Hence, it is essential to consider and opt for the best hosting plan, which would help to meet your plans and goals. One can make use of the unlimited space storage facility being provided with the instant data transfer service.

Pros And Cons GreenGeeks

Lets Begin With Pros

Daily site backup facility: GreenGeeks provide the facility of daily site data backup facility which is not made available by any cheap hosting service providers. Therefore, you can restore all the website contents and files in a safe and secure manner.

Guaranteed satisfaction with service or money back: A multiple numbers of scams are witnessed on the web. However, GreenGeeks makes sure that you are provided with a money-back policy within a period of 30days if you do not well enjoy the service.

Prompt service: GreenGeeks service makes sure that you are being given efficient and quick service when it comes to activating the hosting account.

Environment-friendly: GreenGeeks is considered s the leading environment-friendly web hosting service providers. It is one of the unique initiatives which are quote accepted by the customers.

Cons of GreenGeeks

Customer service: It is the general opinion from all its users that GreenGeeks need to give in its more effort so that they come up with the improved customer service.

Expensive domains: GreenGeeks charges costly fees for the domains. Hence, acceptance of the free domains is not regarded as the wise decision or instead of moving the existing domains to the GreenGeeks hosting is not recommended.

Compatible only with Linux/Unix: They are considered to be exclusive only to the Linux or Unix, and hence the windows users should forget about using them.


Well, in the end, it can be said that GreenGeeks is considered to be a perfect web hosting company as it offers high-quality service by keeping the environment related policy and standards in mind. It is well run by the expert team of veterans belonging to the industry. The friendly relations and offers offered from their end take the reputation graph to a higher level. They are even the first one to provide PHP-7 assistance by using the latest technologies on the websites at the same time.

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