Hawkhost Web Hosting Review

Hawkhost.com – Review

Way back since 2004, HawkHost has been one of those successful hosting service providers. Renamed as “HawkHost” in 2008 they bring in a decade’s worth of prominence in the hosting industry. They have been a fair service provider all through these years. Their primary focus has always been on Shared hosting services while they offer other types of hosting services like WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, and so on.

Hosting Plans offered by HawkHost: HawkHost offer four different types of shared hosting plans which can be customized as per user needs. Each plan’s pricing range goes on a descending scale, which can be paid either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly as per convenience.

  • The basic plan of Shared hosting packages consists of a minimum of 3 GB disk space, monthly bandwidth of up to 45 GB. The super plans come with a disk space of about 24 GB and 360 GB of monthly bandwidth. All of these shared hosting packages are bundled with unlimited hosting of domains, email accounts, and MySQL databases. The plans also consist of Cloud Linux operating system. 
  • They also offer semi-dedicated hosting plans which comes with 20 GB of disk space and 350 GB of per month bandwidth allowance which can be scaled up to 50 GB disk space and 1200 GB of monthly bandwidth. This plan is suitable for those who are looking for dedicated hosting like performance without investing in the infrastructure.
  • Their reseller plans are also framed to resemble the shared hosting plans. There have around four reseller hosting plans starting with 15 GB of disk space, 300 GB of bandwidth for a monthly cycle and are allowed to host a maximum of 50 user accounts with 60 GB disk space, 1,200 GB monthly bandwidth per account.
  • The four VPS hosting plans start with a basic plan that consists of 10 GB disk space and 250 GB of per month bandwidth allowance. Consumers are assured of 1 GB RAM, which can be scaled up to 768 MB. The CPU power is allocated equally across all of the compute resources in the VPS environment, and hence the performance is not compromised at all.

Every plan offered by HawkHost is enhanced to get integrated easily with Cloudflare content delivery environment. At your convenience, you can now integrate with the CloudFlare network, by just initiating the CDN configuration from HawkHost’s control panel. After that, you should start seeing a speed boost on all of your sites.

Data center and Infrastructure Hardware: HawkHost hosts six data centres across the globe. Four data centres are predominantly located across the USA, one positioned in Amsterdam and the other in Singapore to cover the world. All of the data centres use tier 1 transit providers and are made up of Cisco and Juniper network hardware equipment. The well-maintained UPS and power-backups systems ensure that the power supply is continuous and consistent. The users are allowed to perform a speed test across the data centres to choose the ideal one for them to transfer data and files.

Domain Services offered by HawkHost: With HawkHost, you can transfer your already existing domain to a new one or do domain research and buy a new domain per your needs. Getting an original domain costs about USD 10 a year and the charges may vary depending upon the type of domain required. You are allowed to keep looking for domains that are priced rationally and then begin with the process. After obtaining a preliminary domain, the users are allowed to host an unlimited number of domains, sub-domains, parked domains, and so on. They also support domain re-directs.

Control Panel and Root Access Options: HawkHost offers the standard cPanel control panel option with all of its Shared hosting plans. But the exception is that it provides cPanel along with the VPS hosting plans as well, which is not offered by many hosting service providers. With this cPanel, the users can easily access and maintain the user accounts, view real-time stats on the network and bandwidth usage, install upgrades and patches, monitor and control system resources, and so on. This helps you save a lot of time and boost the performance of your website. VPS plans come with full root access for ultimate personalization, which is considered to be the utmost powerful management option available.

One-Click Installation: HawkHost provides end to end support to several content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and Magneto. With every package, you get a set of customized one-click installation tools which can be configured at ease.

Free website builder: HawkHost support Weebly as their Certified Site Builder, which is included in every plan. Weebly is considered to be one of those prominent and accessible website builders to be used. Weebly, along with proper SSL certification, can be used to build a decent e-commerce website. With many service providers restricting the number of email accounts and email forwarding options, HawkHost ensures to provide allowance to host an unlimited number of email accounts and email forwarding services.

Uptime Guarantee: HawkHost showcases a 99.9% uptime availability assurance to all of it’s shared, VPS, reseller hosting plans. The uptime assurance is specified in the SLA documents provided by the service provider. It ensures to pay compensation to their clients if server availability goes below 99.9% in any given billing period. 

Support System: HawkHost ensures to keep all their blogs, knowledgebase, and status page up-to-date about any news and information. Their forum is active, and you can get responses from them ASAP. You can also find them productive on social network websites to make sure that they are connected with their users. You can get your queries and issues resolved by raising a ticket. They are also responsive to emails and phone calls. Their expert customer support team is available 24/7/365.

HawkHost, on the whole, is a decent choice for those who are looking for some ideal options that are reasonably priced. Try out the plans to get to know more about HawkHost’s services. You can also call or email the HawkHost customer support team to have a meeting set-up to understand more about their plans, services, and features.

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