Home Depot Credit Card Scheme Eligibility & Bill Payment Online Steps


When it comes to Home Improvement retailing, a few stand a chance against ‘ The Home Depot’ inc. , a company based in the United States of America. They are the largest retailers in America and are spread over more than 30 states, and parts of Mexico. Apart from that, they cater to Canada too. Such a business requires a distribution Infrastructure and Home Depot has it at more than 70 points, with its Head Quarters at Atlanta, Cobb Country. The main activity of Home Depot is the supply of Tools, Construction products and services.

To facilitate their customer’s purchases, Home Depot has issued Credit cards, to facilitate purchases from their stores. These are labelled as Home Depot Consumer Credit card. Please find below, the schemes and plans of this facility, and how does one apply for it.

Eligibility criterion:

  •  Credit score:

To apply for a Home Depot consumer credit card, the credit score of the applicant has to 650 points and above. This is the basic qualification to apply and strict standards to meet, and it is wise to check on the score before anyone wants to use.

  • Age criteria:

The applicant should be at least 18 years of age. Anything less is void ab Initio.

  • Citizenship:

The applicant must be an American citizen. No immigrant would qualify.

These are the essential eligibility criteria. Once, these are all satisfied, the application must be filled in to secure the credit card. 

The procedures for that are:

  1. Legal procedures:

To aid the government fight against terrorists and their illegal ways of circumventing money laundering, the applicant has to produce records that would justify your Name, place of residence, Birth certificate, Driver’s license etc.

  • Home Depot, has all the right, to gather information about you, without requesting permission from you directly. This investigation could include, queries on your employment, your salary, the bank you have an account with, and based on that additional finding only, and Home Depot would reserve the right to issue you a credit card.
  • Home Depot, would decide on your credit card limit after all such analysis and would take into consideration, all the debts you owe. The threshold could be a paltry $500, but that is the decision by Home Depot, which no one can dispute. 
  • The home depot would claim full authority, on all the transactions done between the applicant and them, and this information would be shared by them if the need arises with any banking system.
  • Home Depot, would assume, you have read all the clauses, pertaining to the credit card, once the applicant has signed the dotted line. 

Once the information is all filled up by the applicant via the application, the Home Depot would process it.

These are the procedures which govern the application on How to apply for a Home Depot credit card.

Bill payment Online through Home depot Credit card.

Once the Home Depot card login is sanctioned to you, payments of your online bills can be made through them. Citi bank, are the financial Institution behind this credit card, and they offer you this facility online. 

  • Unlike other credit cards, interest does not have to be paid on Home depot credit cards, if the amount outstanding on it ,is fully paid off. In case the credit cardholder delays such payments, a late fee of only $35 is charged. 
  • The card provides many facilities, like allowing you to view unpaid bills, the balance amount on your card, transaction done using the card etc. 

Steps on How to pay Bill payment Online

Here are the various steps to be followed to pay online bill payments.

  1. Logging in (for people who collected the card directly)
  • Access the home page, which goes by the site address’homedepot.com’.
  • Check the right-hand top corner of the screen.
  • You would spot a field ‘Sign in’.
  • Click the button next to it.
  • This would mean, you wish to go ahead with the process.
  • A drop-down menu appears, from the sign in field.
  • The pop-up screen which is Home depot card login would have blank spaces for your username and password to be filled in by you.
  • Fill them up, correctly, bearing in mind, lower case and upper case alphabets or numerical.
  • Once that is done, press the sign-in button. 
  • This would open up the screen, providing access to the credit online available to you. 
  1. New Web Page:

Once you have clicked on that button, mentioned above, the screen will be navigated from the Home page, to a new web page. On this page, you would find a section, which would allow you to reset your password if you wish to. 

  1. Password allocation:
  • At this juncture, provide your email address to the bank
  • The bank would immediately respond to you with a password.
  • Note this password, in your diary or mobile, since this is very vital.
  1. Card activation(for people who received credit card through mail)
  • The Home Depot would have mailed the credit card via mail to you.
  • In order to activate and use Home Depot Card Login, the web portal has to be used, and the password is essential.
  • Now all you have to do is choose the ‘Register Link’.
  • This can be located at the top of the login button, on the home page.
  • Click on the link as directed.
  • A pop-up screen would appear requesting you to fill personal details.
  • Please fill in as instructed.
  • Press the ‘Register’ button, and the process is over. You are now a credit card holder of Home Depot and can manage it online.
  1. Making payments online:
  • Log onto your credit card online account as per the guidelines stated above.
  • Type in the payments you want to make, with all the references you need to give. The bill particulars amount etc.
  • The company whom you are paying is auto credit by Citi Bank, and the payment is over. 

The Home Depot Consumer Credit card has benefits and demerits if they break the rules. It is better for the applicant to be aware of both before he applies for one. Here are the regulations as enumerated below.

Benefits of the Home Depot credit card.

  • $25, is offered as a discount on the first time purchase of less than $1000.00
  • $100, is waived off as a discount if the purchase is $1000 or more. 
  • These are for first utilization of card only. There are progressive discounts too.
  • For a new house owner, where he would have spent all the cash constructing it, the credit card comes in handy. He can buy the products off the shelf of Home Depot, utilizing the card, without the need to pay any interest for six months from date of purchase. The only condition is, the investments should be for $299 or more. 
  • Home Depot, believes in deferring interest amount, then set aside the same. But on hindsight, the interest charged is lesser than any bank. One should also be aware of the rule, that if the interest amount is not paid on the exact date, it would have been deemed to accrue from the time of the purchase. 
  • Exclusive offers for cardholders is there, as they may enjoy a 10% discount for certain offers all the time, but the same is not available for customers who are not cardholders.
  • Return of purchases by the card holders is allowed for a year, which could be at least four times more than a normal Home depot purchaser. Please note, this is only for the first year.
  • Cardholders may enjoy financing of particular products, which are under promotion or sale. The maximum tenor is limited to 2 years only.
  • They allow loans to cardholders up to $55 K if the size of the project is big enough. The loan tenor could be up to 7 years maximum.
  • Renovation of kitchens and bathrooms are also allowed under the ‘loan’ project.


Home Depot is a trustworthy business enterprise, and its quality is well known. Even though their credit cards are more on the lines of a sale promotion strategy, one does not get a raw deal as such. The benefits are there, in terms of interest and loan advances, provided the client is also straight forward in his payment. It would be only a wise decision to go for a card since the financial backing is from a reputed bank called ‘Citi Bank’.

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