HostGator Review, Can You Host With HostGator?

HostGator Review

The number of hosting websites available in the market nowadays is a lot higher than it was, say 10 years ago. When it comes to setting up a new website, we know that it can be a daunting task. There are so many different plans to choose from and it isn’t easy to interpret all of that technical jargon. You could easily get confused. This article will take you through a complete HostGator review.

About Hostgator

HostGator is one of the leading web hosting providers. The company was founded in 2002 by then Florida Atlantic University student, Brent Oxley. The company promises all its users a much simpler web hosting experience and that too at very affordable prices.

HostGator is one of the best options for individual and small businesses. Why? The prices provided by HostGator are lower than their competitors. In fact, at this lower price, they provide a lot of features. All users are given user-friendly services with shared and cloud hosting to virtual private servers. HostGator has had more than 400,000 feedbacks, and they have all been of customers who are extremely satisfied and have had nothing short of positives to comment.  The company now has a vast client base, and they all speak of fulfilled promises of consistent experience and reliability.

Quick Feature Of HostGator

Website Builder: HostGator comes with a website builder that is included in most packages. When you’ve purchased your website you can use this website builder for your new website. If your website was being hosted elsewhere and you’ve now decided to move to HostGator, you will get assistance for the migration process for free.

Control Panel: With HostGator you get an attractive cPanel control panel. This cPanel has been customized so that the experience is user-friendly for all. A lot of users have claimed that the cPanel offered by HostGator is much more easy to navigate due to its well-organized tabs. Everything from your Account Settings to Support, Hosting Specifics and even Billing Information is available on this cPanel.

Customer Support: Hosting a website is not easy. If you are not a tech expert, it can actually be tricky and difficult. At HostGator, the aim is to make your task easy. To this end, HostGator prides itself on providing customers with 24/7 customer service. The cPanel that we just talk about also comes with customer support and upon logging in, the support tickets are the first thing that a person will see. Have a problem? The solution is one click away.

If you’re someone who is not comfortable with online chats, the support is also available via phone calls. Further, unlike most phone support agencies, HostGator’s customer support is a toll-free number. The support team from HostGator is available at all hours of the day, whether on the internet or on the phone.

The customer feedbacks have revealed that there are only a few specific servers where complaint have been registered. Feedback is taken regularly and is even welcomed. But the feedback is not just collected. An active effort is made to work on it and improve the services provided.

Guarantee & Offers: HostGator comes with a long guarantee period, much longer than what most other hosting services offer. If you have opted for a reseller, shared or a VPS plan, you are secure with a 45-day money-back guarantee. In fact, if you had not violated the terms of service, then you can even claim a refund for any unused months. Just be careful when you’re choosing the payment method since this money-back guarantee does not extend to some payment types. Discount offers are made available to customers every month. For new users, these offers are even more lucrative.

Uptime: HostGator servers have an uptime of 99.99% which has gained popularity among their customers. In fact, the dashboard allows you to monitor the uptime of your website, helping you ensure that delivery is good and perfect. In fact, one of the best things is that if their uptime does not come up to the guaranteed limits, credits worth one month hosting are given into the account.

Cons of HostGator

Our commitment is to ensure that you get all the information, both good and bad. This HostGator review comes with complete information. Given below are some of the disadvantages that have been reported by HostGator users.

  1. While the discounted rates by HostGator are unparalleled, these discounts are usually available for long term plans. For short term plans, the discounts are lesser. HostGator remains unbeaten in long term plans.
  2. The VPS hosting for a website is not available windows based.
  3. A lot of hosting services include domain registration free of cost in their packages. However, HostGator does not offer domain registration free of cost. Free services offered by the company include weekly backups and website transfer.
  4. While HostGator customer service is better than a lot of other such services, their response rate has gone down recently, especially since their acquisition.
  5. HostGator makes for an excellent platform for small businesses, personal websites, etc. However, when it comes to larger businesses, it is not the best option. From an economics perspective, it can actually be disadvantageous to opt for HostGator. It is better to look for a different option if yours is a large business.
  6. There is no specialized hosting for WordPress. WordPress has become a top choice amongst bloggers and small businesses for setting up their websites. In light of this, the lack of specialized hosting is a big downer for many users.


If you are a small entrepreneur or a personal blogger, looking to give your website a more professional website, HostGator is the perfect choice for you. There’s no denying that it is reasonable, user-friendly and offers good support to all its customers. However, the acquisition has reduced its effectiveness a little. This makes it a weaker choice if you’re a high-end business. This HostGator review has been compiled after going through multiple reviews of real users. We hope this helps you make an informed choice!

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