Hostinger Review Cheap And Best Hosting Asfar

Hostinger Review

Are you looking for an affordable hosting service provider? For sure this query has pulled you right here, Hostinger is one of the leading names in the market of web hosting providers today. 

If you look back, Hostinger was born in 2007 with the first name which offered free service. Later, 2011 was the year when the company renamed it as Hostinger. One year of continues success accelerated the hosting brand to an international level with new associations in Cyprus. 

In the year 2014, Hostinger was able to reach ten million peoples who are no less than a milestone, and with its increasing demand, around 29 million people chose Hostinger as their web hosting service provider. Apart from free hosting, it has also come up with more amazing services that too at no charges. However, there has always been a controversy about the free perks Hostinger offers, what do you think?

The answer could only be defined with the thorough study of its advantages and disadvantages to know how honest Hostinger is. Check out the list below

Benefits of using Hostinger

1.    Good Uptime

If we talk about the uptime, Hostinger has a remarkable history. As uptime is one of the most important factors one should look for and be honest Hostinger has managed to have mostly excellent uptime. 

2.    Fast

A good speed for loading page at a minimum time is also an important feature to be considered while choosing web hosting service provides, which surely no one but Hostinger can give a good loading speed of 369ms which is 58.54% faster than competitors. This is what helps you get more traffic.

3.    30-Day money-back guarantee

This benefit from Hostinger is a great offer which competitor refuse for. At Hostinger, you can purchase, use, and get your money back if they do not stay in their words. Well, this offer is not available for all the services, and there are sure the cons of this offer, which is mentioned in the disadvantages section.

4.    Multilingual Customer support

If your website is stuck at some moment and you are unable to contact the customer support team, you may face a massive loss in just a few minutes or hours. Hostinger, a trustworthy web hosting provider has a multilingual customer support team at all your convenience be it live chat, call, etc.

5.    Free website builder and domain name

People do not generally go for any other web builder than WordPress and domain name from GoDaddy. Hostinger offers free web building service and domain name along with the hosting facility. You can avail everything at one shed at an affordable price. Isn’t it great?

6.    User-Friendly

You would find Hostinger one of the convenient platforms to work on. The traditional control panels have changed to an attractive icon that makes it easy and fast to use. Even a shallow skilled person can easily host their website on Hostinger.

7.    Amazing plans

Hostinger offers various schemes and offers for everyone out there. Now you don’t have to be rich enough to host your website. Hostinger is a full package of the fantastic unlimited features at affordable rates with premium and business plans.

Disadvantages of Hostinger

1.    Contacting customer support is not easy

You must be logged into your account to contact or live chat with the customer support team. They do have a multilinguistic squad, yet the process is quite a time-taking and inconvenient.

2.    Upgraded Control panel

Although Hostinger has upgraded the Cpanel for the users’ convenience, people are not so happy with the new look. The new-look creates an illusion and confusion, and the previous Cpanel was great to work with.

3.    Payment and refund issues

As discussed earlier Hostinger has an unlimited feature and plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. But there are specific points where Hostinger denies from the money back words. Here is how:

What is refundable?

•    Hosting (Except for the first payment)

•    Domain Transfer (Except .EURid and .es)

•    SSL Certificates

What is not refundable?

•    Redemption fee

•    Domain name renewals ( Some refundable if cancelled within four days)

•    Privacy protection

Well, that how Hostinger is often in controversies for its commitments and denials.

4.    Extra domains are chargeable

Again, it says everything’s is free, but honestly, it’s not. Suppose you buy a domain .com now other competitors offer other areas like .in, are free along with the .com domain with premium or business plans. But the case at Hostinger it different. One will have to pay for every extra domain with any plan.

After a serious discussion over the advantages and disadvantages of Hostinger lets have a look at the quick facts of Hostinger.

Single Shared Hosting: This is a plan anyone can afford, Afterall it’s the cheapest among all at just $0.80 per month for 48 months. Which will rise to 7.99$ per month after 48 months? 

Base Plans Of Hostinger

Single Shared Hosting

Plans detail:

•    1 Website

•    10 GB Disk Space

•    100 GB Bandwidth

•    1 MySQL Database

•    1 FTP User

•    1 Email Account

•    Easy Website Builder

•    Auto Installer

Premium Shared Hosting: This plan is at $2.15 per month for 48 months.

Details of the plan

•    Unlimited Number of Websites

•    Unlimited SSD Disk Space

•    Unlimited Bandwidth

•    Unlimited MySQL Databases

•    Unlimited FTP Users

•    Unlimited Email Accounts

•    Easy Website Builder

•    3X WordPress Optimized Speed

•    Free Domain Name (with annual plan)

Business Web Hosting: This plan is at $3.45 per month for 48 months.

Details of the plan include 

•     Features of Premium Shared Hosting

•    Daily Backups

•    Deluxe Live Support

•    2X Processing Power & Memory

•    To secure data of the customer Free SSL Certificate is provides which also increases SEO ranking

With the above study about the advantages and disadvantages and the accessible plan details, you for sure have got the answer to the question is Hostinger worth?

Probably yes, Hostinger is worth the money you spend; its features and plans are amazing. You may find some cons but keep in mind who does not come with a dark side, but Hostinger has so many brighter facts that you can easily oversee the more dismal facts and go for

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