How Can Enterprises Leverage Non-Fungible Tokens In Their Workflows?

Alexei Dulub is the founder and CEO of PixelPlex, an R&D enterprise powering significant digital transformation throughout industries.

The velocity at which engineering progresses is just staggering.

A couple of years in the past, it was challenging to visualize the non-fungible tokens that were being linked with electronic art and gaming could be so flexible, customizable and multifunctional. They demonstrated an outstanding potential to immediately adapt to the specifications of additional serious and conservative industries like source chain, schooling and healthcare.

Even now, at times I recognize that businesses are unwilling to experiment with electronic tokens in their workflows. But in point, NFTs are not that terrifying and intricate. Talking from our team’s specialist knowledge, I can say for guaranteed that if created and applied thoughtfully and effectively, NFTs can suit in any organization and empower it to undertake a meaningful transformation of its possess.

To verify my level and exhibit that NFTs are genuinely versatile and agile, I’m eager to present you with insights into how enterprises representing various enterprises can leverage NFTs—or enterprise NFTs (ENFTs), as they are at times referred to—in their procedures and how accurately they stand to gain from their implementation.

Supply Chain

The offer chain business was between the initially to embrace blockchain and include the engineering into its complex and demanding workflows. The worldwide blockchain supply chain marketplace dimensions is projected to hit $3,153.7 million by 2028, which proves that the market is established to hold on employing the capabilities of blockchain to turn out to be additional superior.

Blockchain-enabled NFTs piqued the fascination of supply chain enterprises at the early levels, as well. These arrived to be extensively made use of as electronic twins to verify products’ authenticity and origin and monitor their complete lifecycle and journey, hence boosting operational effectiveness and visibility.

Also, with NFTs, buyers can obtain authentic insights into a product’s origin and have relevant and updated info about its transportation, which success in better loyalty and trust.


NFTs in healthcare can make it possible for for the improved protection and tracking of particular well being facts and even make it doable for folks to monetize their genetic facts.

At the time wellness information has been recorded and minted as an NFT, sufferers themselves can pick to sell it for analysis applications to 3rd parties, these as pharmaceutical firms or laboratories, and acquire funds for it. Importantly, individuals will be able to keep track of their NFTs and see where they close up and who accessed them and when.

A different notable application of NFTs in healthcare is the tokenization of blood, which has been launched to greatly enhance “vein-to-vein” checking. The process aims to supply up to date insights about blood transportation, from its assortment to its arrival at a healthcare establishment.

Additionally, the Molecule decentralized science system proposed the notion of IP-NFTs that wrap “intellectual assets legal rights this sort of as patents, datasets, or contractual agreements within a non-fungible token.” IP-NFTs can support biomedical scientists and biotech firms encourage greater cooperation, “[enable] effortless transfer and collective possession around patents,” and establish new and successful funding and monetization tactics.

Actual Estate

The actual estate area is regarded to zealously keep abreast of tech trends. Not too long ago, the metaverse-dependent actual estate has been the converse of the city, and its worldwide marketplace is projected to arrive at a whopping $5,953.6 million by 2028.

Having said that, the entire metaverse strategy is however a little bit of terra incognita, and I see that not all serious estate businesses are ready to go with digital authentic estate and function with it in whole swing.

However, they may possibly properly established their sights on NFTs and use them in physical actual estate. One of the most remarkable applications of NFTs is fractional ownership tokenization, which enables for sharing the price tag and possession of serious estate houses with multiple persons. The fractionalization of actual estate allows increased liquidity and extra inclusive access to the serious estate industry.

In certain, presented that blockchain ledgers are enormously hard to tamper with, it is also value considering minting genuine estate files and papers as NFTs to minimize the threat of fraudsters falsifying docs.

Journey And Tourism

As vacation and tourism are gradually recovering from global collapses, persons the environment more than are keen to renew their journeys and are seeking forward to setting out on remarkable adventures. Meanwhile, firms that are engaged in the vacation business can begin checking out the capabilities of NFTs and open up up new options for their prospects.

So, for case in point, airline companies can put into practice NFT-primarily based loyalty applications, as a result empowering tourists to accumulate flight miles in the type of electronic tokens that can later on be exchanged for discount rates or other benefits. Hotel enterprises, much too, can design loyalty programs for their regular people with built-in NFTs that could be redeemed for a deluxe suite at a reduce price tag or even no cost stays.

Besides, NFTs can support travel companies in offering more subtle and modern advertising campaigns that will make it doable to draw in a wider viewers, set up brand id and enter the world sector.

Education and learning

In the instruction sector, NFTs can be applied to properly retailer diplomas, certificates, grades, scores and recognitions. Blockchain-driven electronic tokens will aid be certain the integrity, basic safety and reliability of all credential info saved in them and, crucially, unauthorized get-togethers and fraudsters will be unable to hack or edit them. Digital credentials can be easily shared in job queries, earning it doable for companies to get acquainted with the applicant’s education, techniques and qualifications.

Admittedly, NFTs have already been broadly leveraged amid universities the entire world more than. Duke College, for example, made academic qualifications in the type of non-fungible tokens for its Master of Engineering in Monetary Engineering diploma.


In spite of their novelty, non-fungible tokens have by now carved out their existence in several fields. I personally imagine that this development is certain to continue, and we have still to see a lot of extra enjoyable and innovative apps of NFTs across various enterprise domains, provided that NFT engineering will get even a lot more refined, reputable and safe.

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