How To Build A Web Site

Any One Can Build A Website

Before I put together my own web sites, I didn’t have any internet experience and the thought of having to learn a new language called “HTML” sent chills up my spine.

Doing Nothing Is A Sure Way To Fail

But I knew that if I just sat there and let my fear of the unknown keep me from going forward, I’d never see my dream come to life.

Surfing The Net For Answers

So I started doing research on what it takes to build a web site and I surfed the net until smoke was coming out of my computer mouse.

I discovered two important things while searching high and low on the world wide web.

First, there are tens of millions of dollars being spent by a whole bunch of people who are all trying to convince you that they have the “secret” to success on the internet. And the noise level of all those voices talking to you at once can give you an acute case of information overload.

How Do You Build And Market A Web Site?

You need a way to build your web site, a company to host your web site (meaning a company that puts your site on the internet), and a company that can provide marketing services to get your site to all the search engines and directories so people surfing the internet can find you among the other millions of web sites out there is cyberspace.

So What’s The Answer

First of all there are no secrets to success on the internet. Like anything else, there is a learning curve, but the information is readily available if you’re willing to spend some time discovering a few basic principals.

Building – Hosting – Marketing Your Web Site

Choosing A Service

There are several internet companies that offer site building, site hosting and site marketing services. I found one that I am 100 per cent happy with for a number of reasons.

In making your decision, look for a company that does all the technical stuff for you and at no extra charge.

You should be able to concentrate on building your web site using an easy system that will help you produce a professional looking web site easily and quickly.

The company you choose should also provide some marketing services at no additional charge.

And the company you choose should provide you with on-going information updates, forums for discussing issues with other users and should provide you with detailed traffic reports so you can clearly see how well your site is doing.

Time And Money Saved

Now we’re talking… With one company offering an all-in-one approach you don’t have to evaluate and put together an intricate, expensive package of software tools!

Proof That They Work

The company you choose to build, host and market your web site needs to show you proof that their system works.

Are the other sites hosted by their company doing well and are a respectable percentage of them listed in those coveted top ten search engine positions? If they aren’t, your chances are probably not so hot either.

Life Impact

Your web site can be a part-time or full-time venture and it should be a fun, creative and challenging experience.

And if you’re looking to make some money with your web site and willing to put in some effort toward that goal, the company you choose to work with needs to play a big part in your success.

The Bottom Line

As I said before, there are several companies out there that provide site building tools, web hosting and internet marketing services. I found one that I’m 100 per cent happy with and by doing a little investigating you can find one too… Just don’t let all that internet noise get to you.

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