How To Find The Profitable Niche

Many people get this backwards – they find a product to promote and then they go out and try to find a market for that product. In reality, you should first find a market that has a strong need, but that need isn’t being adequately addressed. Once you’ve found a good market, then you can go out and find a suitable product for that market.

There are many ways you can discover good choices of markets. One way is to visit some of the many online forums and study the questions and concerns of the forum members. Are they expressing their concern about a common problem? Are they looking for software to solve a problem? Is there a tedious job that could be automated? Is there a skill they need to learn? By hanging out in forums, you can come up with lots of potentially profitable niche markets.

Depending upon your personal interests, you can easily find related forums. Just go to Google or your favourite search engine and search for your chosen topic and the word forum. For example, if your interest is in bodybuilding, just search for bodybuilding forum and you’ll have plenty of choices. Next, browse thru the posts and look for clues of problems or concerns that are being expressed. That should give you quite a few product ideas.

Once you’ve found your niche market and have a general idea for the product to promote, it’s time to find the actual product that will be of interest to your niche market. You can search the product database at for high-profit downloadable products to promote. Or you could sign up as an affiliate at Commission Junction or if you’d rather sell a physical product instead of a digital product. You can even promote books and products as an affiliate.

Certainly, you’ll have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort searching for your niche market and then a little more time finding just the right product for that market, but it will be time well spent. By doing your homework before you start advertising and promoting, you’re much more likely to have a profitable venture.

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