How To Get Money From A Website

Profiting a web site is always a hot topic for a web site owner. As the business model of the Internet keeps on changing, a lot of opportunities have occurred for us to make money from. And below are the 6 most practical ways for you to profit your web site

Selling Advertisement

Selling advertisement for your web site is a classic way to profit a website. Usually, it’s hard to find the advertisers unless your web site is very famous with a lot of traffic. Now as the growing of the PPC (pay per click) advertising network, you will only need to work with them and put some advertisement source code into your web site. Those advertisement network will be responsible for finding the advertiser and put the advertisement to your web site. You will be paid each time your audiences have clicked the advertisement.

Right now, this method is still the most common business model for most of the web sites, and the most famous PPC advertising network is Google Adsense and Yahoo Advertising Network.

Selling Products or Service

This kind of web site is also referred as e-Commerce web site, where web site owners sell the product or service online. The typical web site for this type is, but definitely, you have no need to create a so big one. You can build an e-Commerce web site and sell the products (or service) you produce or those you believe you can provide better price to your audiences. Be warned: Doing it right is harder than it looks.

Affiliate Products from Other Web Site

Affiliating product have become an important ways to profit a web site. Compared with other method, this is somehow new. By putting a link in your web site which will points to another web site (usually it’s an e-Commerce web site), if your audience make a purchase on that web site, you will be paid with some amount of money as referral bonus. 

In order to affiliate product, you can join the affiliate network which have collected a lot of vendors for you and will consolidate all your earning into one check. Want to know where are those affiliate networks, please refer to Best Affiliate Network Review.

Offer Paid Content

The content in Internet is usually free. But if your content is unique and valuable, you can charge money for online access to them. You also can choose to charge the fee to access part of your web site and put the rest as free. The strategy is quite flexible, and it depends on how comfortable you feel about the content of your web site.

Build a Saas (Software as a Service), and Sell it Online

Saas is treated as next generation application. Instead of licensing software on a permanent basic, user will rent to use the software online. And you, as service provider, will response for the whole infrastructure and maintain the application. Saas application will be more and more popular online. 

Do Email Marketing

Besides waiting for people to visit your web site, you can send an email to them to advertise your product. Just lay off spam, you need to make sure that a customer wants your email before you send it. You can put a newsletter subscribe function in your web site to collect the email. 

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