How to remove chromium from applications permanently On Windows 10/7/8/xp | Mac Os X

Introduction – what is chromium :

One has to have a better understanding of Chromium, and what it does before taking any step to delete or uninstall it from the applications.

The original objective of Chromium was to provide a safer web browser and would block the user from visiting any site with malicious software or virus, which would have dangerous repercussions. 

How did Chromium enter into the PC?

Chromium promoted by Advertisements and Pop-ups luring you in. The other way is to be a part of another browser, which you attempt to download, and Chromium also gets downloaded automatically. 

How to remove Chromium from your computer?

One known way is to use Anti-malware, which are used to remove other popular viruses. The procedure is different with every O/s and found below are those steps.

1. Windows: 

Wiper soft: 

This is the latest anti-malware designed for removing Trojans, Pop-up’s etc. There is a free version available, which would detect the presence of the virus. The next step would be to purchase it, to kill these viruses and the cost is below $40.00. 

The Manual way:

In order to uninstall Chromium, the first step is to access the control panel and delete it from there. The second step is to delete all the files. The final step is to remove all the registry keys.

2. Mac: 

As far as Mac is concerned, Chromium would not attach itself through applications like Windows. To sort this out, it is strongly recommended to run through the installed application meticulously. This may throw up suspicious applications or some who have got in without your knowledge. The suggestion is to seek out Chromium or Chromium App. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Open the ‘Finder ‘sidebar. 

Step 2: Find applications and click on it.

Step 3: You may see ‘Chromium uninstaller’ or ‘Uninstall Chromium’. Now double click on it.

Step 4. With the aid of the mouse, drag the application Chromium and dump it into the trash bin.

Step5:  Empty the Trash Bin.

Alternative 2:

There is an app called Appcleaner specifically meant for Mac. One has to drag the chromium and place it on appcleaner. The App cleaner will seek out the residual data too and completely clean the hard drive. Now, more space is available. Chromium now can be eliminated from the browser.

In the same manner, remove Chromium, from the following.

For Windows XP:

1. Press Start.

2. Go to Control Panel.

3. You would arrive at Add or Remove Programs.

4. Search for Chromium.

5. Uninstall it.

 For Windows 7

1. Press Start.

2. Access Control Panel.

3. Uninstall a Program.-click on this.

4. Uninstall Chromium.

For Windows 8/Windows 8.1:

1. Go to Menu.

2. Press Search.

3. Click Apps.

4. Open Control Panel.

5.  Click Uninstall a Program.

6. Find Chromium, 

7. Click Uninstall.

 For Windows 10:

1. Click on the Start button

2. Click on the Settings at the top

3    Search for App & features on the left menu. Click on it.

4. Locate Chromium and click it,

5. Click on the Uninstall button.

6. Now remove Chromium from browser.

For Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Press Alt + F.

3. Click on Tools.

4. Click on Extensions.

5. Search for Chromium.

6. Drag to the trash can icon 

These are the various ways on how to remove Chromium from applications.

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