IPage Web Hosting Review, Pros Ans Cons

Ipage Web Hosting Review

Web Hosting as a term refers to a service provided where one’s web pages are stored and maintained in an online/virtual space. These web pages are designed to cater as per the service offered by a company. iPage is a popular and very well known ‘Web Host’ who cater to over a million websites till now.

A Service of Web Hosting is one of the types of Internet hosting service, which allows organizations or business owners and Individuals let their customers access their websites on the internet or the World Wide Web.

About Ipage

IPage, a Web Hosting Company that rents their own servers to their clients and also provides high-speed internet to their data centres, this helps prevent any data loss or in terms of companies, loss of revenue or customer loss. Data Center’s are maintained and managed with all the necessary care to provide constant 24X7 service to their clients.

Ipage Support Responds for calls, chat, email and lets their clients raise queries over a unique ticketing system. iPage provides nothing but the best domain privacy when compared to its competitors. iPage also provides high-end data security and access to its 24X7 advanced technical support team for any updates or changes in the websites.

Any large or small companies and Individual bloggers who need to online requires a Web Host like iPage to get the personalised and top-notch website to host to their desired geographic. As a sign of saving time and money in learning and step-by-step creation of websites, iPage makes it easy to host a website in just a few steps. An Individual or a company can host their website to provide the descriptions of their product or service available for sale to its end customer.

IPage also specialises in providing complex and comprehensive platforms to comparatively large companies which include continuous support on database updates or changes and platforms solely concentrated on the development of the application. For this purpose, an SSL, Secure Socket Layer is used to all the website hosted by the iPage. An SSL creates an additional layer of protection for all the websites hosted with iPage.

For any basic website or web page, there are 2 components that need to be considered. That is an FTP, File Transfer Protocol or an Interface. iPage offers the best FTP in the transfer of files over to the websites or from them. In an industry where companies offer their clients with very little limited access to several services, iPage lets its clients navigate and also provide a sense of freedom to customize their website to their liking.

Web Hosting Services Offered by iPage

Shared Web hosting through dedicated web hosting – When using a dedicated web hosting through iPage, a separate server is allotted. As the name suggests, dedicated web hosting is where an individual server is assigned to the customer. Having a server to your own comes with several benefits namely – Very high speed when compared to hosting in a shared server where the traffic is always high, Since traffic is reduced, it gradually reduces room for any sort of error and delay. A downtime incorporate term relates to losing customers, this may be prevented in iPage.

WordPress Hosting – WordPress is globally or most commonly known as an Open Source CMS (Content Management System). To use WordPress, this application has to be installed in one’s server, which is given or default when you use WordPress through iPage. Here iPage would serve as a network host, which means iPage would take care of all the background and necessary setup needed for it client to have WordPress running smoothly. Millions worldwide are familiar with WordPress varying from small business startups, Online bloggers to Influencers in all fields use and recommend WordPress due to its ease of use and simple nature.iPage is recommended for this particular web hosting service due to its services rendered like unlimited storage space on the disk and various databases in MySQL. But the main purpose of this beginner stage web hosting is due to its learning purposes and testing on a single user level.

Virtual Private Sector (VPS) – A VPS is a different and more advanced version of web hosting services, This server is mainly used by large corporations for their business. In a VPS, iPage sections out main servers into different slots, or more so like a virtual split, this is done to provide the admin access or root access to the customer. There are two different server- The managed server, here the server splits are organized and maintained with care and precision whereas, in the Unmanaged server, the customer holds full responsibility of taking care of their own server.

Pros And Con’s Of Ipage Web Hosting

Lets Begin With Pros Of Ipage

Ipage Offers Low Cost Web Hosting Solution

Ipage web hosting costs you around $1.99 per month if you choose to buy 3 years plan. It’s cheap when compared to their competitors

Domain Name Is Free With Ipage

you can get a free .com domain name by choosing their web hosting.

Ipage Offers Free Web Builder Tool

With the help of Ipage web builder, you can customize many templates as your web site and you can build a website with using your mouse by the help of drag and drop option.

Ipage 24/7 Support

Ipage Provides 24/7 Customer support via Phone, Email and Live Chat. with the help of this Ipage support team will help you with your web hosting issues. They also provide Docs about hosting your website

Ipage Offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Ipage offers a refund if you don’t like their services and ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase

Ipage Has Mojo Marketplace

With The Help Of Mojo Market, You can Install WordPress easily and also provides you with some free plugins and themes.

Ipage Offers $200 Ad Credits

Ipage offers $200 ad credits to some countries users and you can use it in your Bing and Google accounts

Cons Of Ipage

Ipage Offers Their Traditional Control Panel

Although Ipage offers all the required options in their control panel many users state that it is not user-friendly when compared to Cpanel

Ipage Renewal Price Is More

If you choose to renew your hosting plan it will cost you around $7.99 per month

Ipage Addons Are Costly

Ipage offers few addons that costs you more. you can just choose not to buy them

Conclusion About Ipage

Ipage Provides best-hosting experience for that lowest price and Ipage also provide few tools that help you to build your web site very easily. if you ask me would you recommend Ipage? My answer would be simple every hosting company has its pros and cons, I would surely recommend Ipage for learners and for small websites.

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