iPhone launch – The real breakthrough in the world of conventional cellphones


Everybody had a fair idea, that the time was near, but nobody, not even Apple, forecasted the exact way in which iPhones would bridge the gap between smartphones and luxury. On this 9 June 2007, Steve Jobs spilled Apple’s best-kept secrets, the iPhone! Apple’s first-generation iPhones are all set to invade the world of smartphones and rule the throne of smart gadgets.

A commoner’s perspective

Taking a stroll down the memory lane and with a keen retrospective we all can see the extent to which technology has progressed in the past few decades. Especially the dynamic world of smartphones has transformed drastically. From Java to android and then from android to iOS, the journey of smartphones has been quite interesting.

iPhones are one of the most anticipated gadgets of all time that tech-freaks went crazy about since the day of the launch date. Prior to the unveiling of the gadget at Macworld Expo, Apple fans went crazy over the internet, started drawing verdicts and dreamed illustrations of the fabled device. Hundreds of fanatic consumers camped outside Apple stores for the $600 gadget, days before the iPhone finally landed in the stores on June 29.

What makes iPhones different?

It wasn’t just the price or the faster network that set the new technology gizmo ahead of its competitors. iPhones had a lot more to do that they depicted at the surface line. The core philosophy on which apple worked is the operating system or you can say the user experience linked to the software is the key ingredient.

The software of the iPhones was designed keeping in mind the consumer demands and requirements. What the company is hiding beneath the sleek and sexy design and the touch screen is the operating system and the unique interface that makes people feel like they own something that is truly different.

Unlike other mobile phones whose operating systems are controlled and manipulated by the owner, Apple’s functions and features remain with the company only. iPhone is the first phone that has made listening to music, browsing the internet and checking voicemail through pinching and tapping a screen. It doesn’t just look splendid and feels delightful, but takes you into the future of mobile phone that is crystal clear.

An overview of the features

The touch controls are a breakthrough desktop-class email, searching into maps in one handheld light device has simply amazed the users to an extent that is beyond words. iPhones ushers the customers in that era of sophistication that completely redefines what a user can do on their mobile phones.

One of the pioneering features of the smart gadget includes visual voicemail that lets them take a look at the voicemail and decide what voicemail they want to listen to and what isn’t good enough to dedicate time to. The voicemail that interests the user the most can now be accessed with a single tap on the phone. Besides the SMS application is accommodated with a full QWERTY soft keyboard that facilitates the users to send messages through an elegant touch keypad.

With a photo management application and 2-megapixel camera iPhone has proved to be an application that is far beyond catching anything on a phone today. Another interesting feature of the phone is that users can browse their photo library that is synced directly from their Mac or PC. iPhone is also compared with a wide screened iPod because of the seamless touch controls for the music lovers. With the Cover Flow application, one can browse through the music library by album cover artwork. The 3.5-inch widescreen displays the ultimate way to watch movies and TV shows on a pocket-able device. What else can anyone want?

Can the iPhone ever stop surprising with its marketing strategies?

Nobody knows to market better than Steve Jobs himself. Apple’s marketing pros would definitely carve out a way to lure the customers since the product immediately failed to pave its way into the mainstream because of the high price tag. The product is expected to trim the price to an extent in the upcoming years. As per the sources, the news of a 3G phone by Apple is also in the air that is going to explode in popularity.

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