iPhone’s IOS3 brand new invention- Features that the smartphone features

Apple’s iPhone has created a ripple in the market of smartphones by eschewing the keypad for a touchscreen. Pioneering the seamless touchscreen by replacing it with a physical keypad the brand has also added advanced computed-like activities that the typical tech-audience hadn’t even imagined before. The phone set the standard for the modern devices and had features that everyone would surely relish and remember for ever. Dive in some of these features to find out what the new iPhone has in store for you!

The Operating Software

Unlike the other smartphones whose operating systems were handled and controlled by the owner, Apple’s smartphones functions remain with the company only. iPhone is the first phone who operating system was delightful and functional at its peak. The operating system’s framework was crafted keeping in mind the customer demands and uses and doesn’t hang often making it inconvenient for the users to glide through. 

The smooth touchpad

One of the most eye-catching features that Steve Jobs brought to every table was scrolling. The touch feature alone made the launch event magical than any other gadget in the industry ever did. You can pinch swipe, glide and do anything that you want without pressing any keys or buttons on your keypad. Now you can feel like you are using those hi-tech technologies in the sci-fi films and 

Network Technologies

The network technology of the iPhone is extended to edge/ wireless/ Bluetooth 22.0 and cingular. The GSM phone has tons of network advancements that the past phone could just only dream of. Now you can surf on your browser and play with internet that was just possible in the desktop and PCs. Also the phone promisingly stated that the network is going to be updated to a 3G technology in the upcoming year and that too without nay fail. 

Cost and storage configuration

The device accommodates a 41 MHz one-core processor with a 128 MB of RAM. The cost of the phone is 10, 850 in Indian rupees and has a resolution of 320×480 pixels. The internal storage is 4GB. You will have an unmatched experience that users always wanted. 


iPhones look absolutely stunning with a sleek and sexy design. Gone are the days when you had to carry those bulky phones that looked somewhat like you are carrying a landline with you. The flip phones, the sleek keypads, iPhone is giving every phone a run for their money. If you have bought the phone then congrats because you have taken a step forward in the future of mobile phones. The phone measures 115.00 x 61.00 x11.60 mm which is height width x thickness


If we are talking of the camera, then it might be noted that the camera takes pictures that look like real. The rear camera is of 2 megapixel with iOS3 technology. You can take pictures from your rear camera and edit them as well. 


Gone are the days when you had to adjust with the mediocre sound because the sound quality of Apple’s next generation phone is nothing less than the next generation iPods. Now surf through your playlist and play your favourite song that you always wanted to play in full volume. Isn’t that fabulous? You can make your own song list and pay the track that you love! 


The extra features accommodated in the phone are simply marvellous. The voicemail is stupendous. You can just glide through your voicemail and pick the mails that you want to hear. The network is faster and you can experience an email that is synced with your laptop. Plus you will also get some other features that will be amazing enough to boast in front of everyone. Get the new iPhone and experience everything that it has to offer for the modern day users. 

The bottom line

Apple’s new generation iPhone is just like the brand ignited personal computer revolution in the 1970s and reinventing the personal computed in 198-s and blending al the possible advantages in a compact hand held phone. Today Apple continues to lead the industry and is also searching for revolutionary technologies to make a complete package phone that fits in your pocket.

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