Is Responsible AI a Technology Issue or a Business Issue?

Synthetic intelligence, and ChatGPT in certain, has exploded around the globe. And so has the probable for misuse or abuse of AI, which provides a danger that must be taken critically. Nonetheless, AI also provides a variety of prospective advantages for society and people alike. Brad Fisher, CEO of Lumenova AI, clarifies how and why the software of dependable AI is the two a technological know-how discussion and a business enterprise conundrum.

AI is a hot subject, thanks to ChatGPT. People today and corporations have begun to take into consideration its myriad use conditions enthusiastically, but there is also an undercurrent of worry for the feasible challenges and restrictions. With this rush towards implementation, Dependable AI (RAI) has occur to the forefront, and companies are questioning whether it is a technologies or a organization issue. I imagine it’s both. 

According to an MIT Sloan white paper published in September 2022, the globe is at a time when AI failures are beginning to multiply, and the initial AI-associated laws are coming on-line. The report statesOpens a new window