Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

Optimize Your WordPress Site With Following Steps

How does having a slow website affect you?

Internet users are very impatient and if a web takes a long time to load they will not hesitate to leave it. Hence, it is so necessary to know how to increase the speed on your site. The speed of loading is one of the factors considered by Google when rating a website. If it is fast, it will benefit from a better position than it would be if it is very slow. Also, when visitors leave it very quickly, the bounce rate increases. Therefore, the search engine will think that the site does not have quality information and will subtract positions. Therefore, loading speed affects SEO. Check Your Web Site Pagespeed Score

But, the consequences that this problem can cause go beyond SEO. If your site does not offer good user experience you will not have the conversions you expect. Your visitors will not subscribe to a web that takes a long time to load; if it is an e-commerce, sales will below. For all this and more, you need to optimize WordPress performance. Now, what is causing your site to be slow? Among the factors that could affect the loading speed are:

  • Size of the images
  • Bad quality of web hosting.
  • Badly optimized template
  • Too many plugins installed.
  • Outdated themes and add-ons.
  • That the servers are installed far from the end-user.
  • Have many external scripts.

This is only part of the list of elements that can play against your website. Later we will see others. From the moment you are going to set up a website in WordPress, you must take these elements into account. But, not only that, but you have to do periodic reviews to make sure everything works well and correct faults.

How to make your WordPress website load faster:

Avoid continuing to lose visitors because your website is not fast. It is estimated that the optimal time is 3 seconds, but the faster the site loads, the better.

Choose Quality Hosting

For your site to perform well and upload quickly, you must have good web hosting. One of the first data that will give you the tools we mentioned is how long it takes for the server to respond. If the accommodation is not of the quality it will bring problems to your site. The best WordPress hosting will be one that is specialized in this CMS. Also, you must have the latest versions of PHP and Mysql, use SSDs, among other features. In addition to improving speed, good SEO hosting will prevent you from having security problems on the web. Take a look at Top 10 Fastest Affordable Web Hosting’s


It has to do with the previous point. The CDN or Content Delivery Network allows the web to load fast anywhere in the world. In other words, it is a content delivery network that sends information to servers located in different places. When a person tries to enter your website, the information comes from the server closest to where you are. Using a CDN is necessary when you internationalize your website. Because the further away the visitor’s server is, the longer it will take to load.

Optimize Images

Attractive and quality images are necessary elements of any website. But, if these are very heavy, it affects the loading time. Learning to optimize images is key when you have a website. Many online tools allow you to reduce the size and eliminate unnecessary information from the files. All this without affecting the quality of the image. There are also plugins like, WP Smush or Imagify Image Optimizer with which you can do it from the same WordPress. You do not have to be an expert to know how to compress photos and images. Start optimizing them and help your web load faster.

Optimize Plugins And Themes

The plugins are complements that are installed on the web to add new features. But the more you have the slower the loading time. Take maintenance to your WordPress and eliminates unnecessary and duplicate plugins. It also eliminates other topics. Analyze which are the slowest plugins and change them for others that consume fewer resources if possible. WordPress has a large number of add-ons and you will always find several options to choose from. In addition to this, keep the plugins for WordPress and the updated themes. And it eliminates all the spam comments that your site has, these also slow it down.

Use Cache Plugin

There are basic add-ons that you should have in your WordPress and the cache is among these. What these plugins do is to archive a copy of your site, so that it loads in less time when a user enters. That is, the information will load in less time. Some cache plugins are WP Rocket, Total Cache and Super Cache.


Minifying the codes consists of optimizing the static files HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. By compressing them they become lighter and the loading speed of the site improves. It is done by eliminating unnecessary spaces and characters, as well as comments. There are also plugins that do this, WP Rocket is one.

Optimize Database

Use WP-Optimize to optimize the WordPress database. With this plugin what you will do is eliminate unnecessary information that the CMS has stored. For example, temporary data, post reviews, spam comments, and plugins.

Create CSS Sprite

A web usually has several images on the same page. For these, to load each one will request the server, which will cause the page to load slower. This can be solved by creating a CSS sprite.

The CSS sprite refers to images grouped within a single file, arranged in a grid. CSS styles are used so that each image is displayed in its proper place within the page.

Delays the loading of images

Lazy Load is one of the plugins that you can use to do it. It consists of preventing the images from loading until the visitor reaches where they are. That is, as the user scrolls on the screen they are loaded. This will allow the site to display faster than if all the images were loaded at the same time. 

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