Mediatemple Review, Pros And Cons

Mediatemple Review

Media Temple has come up as one of the eminent players of web hosting. It is presently hosting around 1.5 million websites for almost 125000 members. They mainly work with the mission in mind is to provide help and support to all the web developers, digital entrepreneurs, designer, and innovators in bringing up their ideas to the online media.

This Media Temple came up with the unique clustered form of servers architectures, which is called “The Grid.” They help in improving the uptime and speed for the shared hosting. The Grid enables a quick set up facility with easy scalability. Though the pricing of the various hosting plan is not at all cheap, they are even not much higher priced.

The additional cost imposed on the customer is well manifested by the outstanding customer support system. They are considered to be worthy enough to make the investment. They not only review the customer websites but even make a sudden recommendation for the improvement purpose.

Features of Media temple:

•    A free domain name is provided.

•    24*7 customer support is being provided. By paying a nominal amount in the name of fee, users can even enjoy the premium quality of customer service.

•    They even provide a high performing solid-state drives with their plans for the increased performance and reliability level. It is simply beneficial for those business units which cannot afford any sort of downtime.

•    They easily help in the migrating the sites from the other providers by paying a small amount of fee due to the customized control panel charges.

•    They even provide free site reviews so that the potential problems can become transparent.

•    They charge a fee amount for providing services relating to the restoration and recovery support.

•    If you wish to monitor or manage your entire site by any of the experts of the Media Temple, you can even do that by paying the relevant charges.

•    You even avail the opportunity to install the script by one click. You can even manually install the things as per the requirements.

•    You can even fetch the SSL certificate by paying a fee.

•    You get the option of unlimited data transfer facility, which means you do not have to think about the bandwidth.

•    You can even get your name removed from the blacklist and clean up the malware.

VPS hosting options

Virtual Private Server hosting is the mid-level version of the hosting option. They provide in the facility of shared hosting with the proper scaling and control options. They offer there hosting plans which includes fully managed, partly managed, or the ones who need to be managed by the user. They are beneficial for the small business units who wish to have a dedicated or the less crowded servers because of the frequent visits from the visitors.

The VPS hosting plans provide users with many things, which include:

•    Reliable and quick SSD servers 

•    99.99% guaranteed uptime

•    Instant scaling as per the requirement

•    An automatic backup facility

•    You get the full root access

•    You can get the choice of selecting the operating system and control panels as per the need and suitability

•    Various security and performance scan facility

Dedicated hosting Options

Dedicated servers are considered to be the best ones for the large websites which have got daily traffic due to frequent visitors. With the dedicated server facility, you will not have to share the server space with any other websites. Though, you need to pay a premium amount to acquire such service.

Media Temple comes in with the three dedicated hosting plans options which depend upon your skill level. This includes: Manage it all by yourself, half manage it or let an expert from the Media Temple do the entire task for you. You even get these benefits like:

•    You get all the features similar to the other plan that is being offered along with many additional ones.

•    You get your own personal server and hence even if the number of visitors to the sites increases, there does not exist any issue.

•    All the pre-installed software varies as per the plan which you are opting for.

•    One even exercises power to have the control panel of own choice.

Hosting Optimized for the WordPress

Media Temple has a separate plan created, especially for WordPress. You have to make a choice between the two plans offered, namely personal and pro. This choice is dependent upon the fact that a number of sites which you would require and the traffic level of your website. The Personal plan will provide you with the option to host two sites while the Pro plan allows you to host around sites.

Now, what type of customer help and support are provided?

It is said that support staff dedicated almost 90% of their working allotted time in assisting all their customers in the entire possible manner. They are ready to provide round the clock help via calls, live chats, etc. You can even access them via social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Email support tickets can even be raised. All the executives have got a good knowledge base and hence would provide you with the possible answers to all queries made.

Pros of Media Temple:

•    The Grid hosting plans help you to make use of the advanced features even by opting for the cheaper plans.

•    You can host your website of any size, be it a personal one or related to a big enterprise.

•    With a good review placed by the customers, one can manage WordPress on the intended budget.

Cons of Media Temple:

•    The uptime guarantees vary from plan to plan.

•    The website builder fails to provide some of the commonly used features.


Media Temple is known for the plan of the high quality that is being offered. It even provides a good range of hosting plans from the entry-level to WordPress, VPS, and the dedicated plan. 

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