NameCheap Review, Pros And Cons

Namecheap Review

Namecheap the name suggests a low-cost service provider which offers varied plans for shared hosting, VPS hosting and other services such as SSL certification, domain name registration, etc.

They provide free domain name registration which comes along with WhoisGuard which will protect your private information like phone number and email, from going into the hands of marketers who end up filling your inbox with irrelevant emails.

Namecheap provides a wide range of low-cost plans, with par industry standards in almost every field.  All the offer comes along with 50 positive SSL certification, which will not on buttress domain security but also saves a lot of money to the domain owner.

Namecheap has been in the business of providing low-cost hosting services since 2001. Earlier the offering of the company was limited to domain registering services, but in the past years, they have diversified their services and started providing inexpensive VPN hosting, SSL certification, etc. as well.

As of now, Namecheap is based in Phoenix, Arizona employs nearly a thousand professionals. As per the company’s own words, they provide services which are reasonably priced and assessable, so that people can make their ‘mark online.’

Namecheap has been a strong proponent of Net Neutrality, and donated nearly $300000 for the cause to Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight for the Future for the purpose.

Offerings of Namecheap

 Shared Hosting Plans

Namecheap provided the shared hosting services under three plans, namely  

     -Stellar plan

     -Stellar plus plan

     -Stellar Business Plan

•    The stellar plan is the lowest priced plan is among the three offers and is more like a starter plan. Unlike other services which provide hosting for a single domain in the entry-level offers, Namecheap provides hosting for three web domains. Apart from this, the offer is priced at $30.88 and since Namecheap is providing 50% discount to first-time customers, you can get it for $15.44

•    Stellar Plus Plan, which is claimed to be the most famous offer as the company allows unlimited domain hosting and unmetered SSD just for $52.88 and the same can be availed at half price for the first year if you are a new customer.

•    Stellar Business plan, as the name suggests, is meant to cater to the white-collar domain resellers and web designing companies who handle a multitude of clients. Priced at Rs. 6816, it offers most of the services as the Stellar plus plan, except a few super niche facilities like personal nameservers.

All the three plans come along with 50% OFF on positive SSL certificates, which nearly cost $7.88/yr each, and is necessary for hosting a functional eCommerce website.  


Along with the pricing plans, we also need to know about the characteristics of their offerings.

Control Panel

Namecheap supports Cpanel, which is a standard in the industry. It offers all the features, such as WordPress hosting, softaculous apps, the email setting panel, etc. So the Namecheap pass the test in control panel aspect as even the lowest priced plan doesn’t compromise on this aspect.

SSL certificates

Domain, especially the one which host eCommerce websites where the transaction takes place, need to have SSL certificates. One of the most significant plus point of Namecheap is that they provide 50 SSL certificates for free, which is hardly offered by any hosting service provider at this price.


The Stellar plan offers thrice a week backup while the other offers come along with auto backup tool which will ensure minimum loss of data. The thrice a week option is also good enough for people who want to have a static website and won’t incorporate changes daily.   

Website Builder

Website builder provides a wide range of 200 layouts for the website, by which sites can be built on drag and drop basis. If you have a simple business offering and your website is low on function, then the website builder will work for you. People who are planning to launch a little elaborated product have to go for something else.


Namecheap has two datacentres, one of which is in the UK and the other one is in the US. Although the customers can choose the datacentre, the absence of data centers in Asia will increase lag for Asian users by a second. Although the lag time is negligible, the people planning to offer a high-end service may get affected.   

Customer service

Name server provided 24*7 chat service for addressing the issues with the service. Though the customer service staff has a sound knowledge about the subject, the absence of an official phone number may irk some people. 

Pros and Cons

After having a detailed analysis of the services offered, we have drawn following the pros and cons of the services.

•    Pros

-Services offered at highly competitive price

 -Tools meet Industry-standard 

– Unlimited domain hosting

 -SSL certifications

– 24*7 Chat support

•    Cons

-No local datacenters

-low uptime

-No call support


In conclusion, I would like to say that the servicers of Namecheap are better then what one would get from other hosting services at the same price. However, there are some aspect like uptime and lag time, which should be taken into consideration if you are planning to host a super responsive website. 

If you are new to website building and want to learn web hosting without spending a fortune if you are a business person who wants to have an online presence, with a lightweight, low-on-functionality website, Namecheap offers matching plans for you need. 
But the low cost is offset by some other factors which we will discuss one by one, in detail below. 

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