Pax Vaporizer: Experience the Great Flavour

Vaporizers are new useful tools to handle your smoking habits. While most people have no idea what a vaporizer is, let me start by explaining how and what they are used for. Vaporizers are small portable devices that use heat to ignite and reduce to vapour, herbs and medicinal plants you need for smoking. For people who uses cannabis, a vaporizer is a great way to smoke the herb wherever, whenever you are.

How do vaporizers work?

Normal smoking or inhaling the smoke out of the plant have been known to cause respiratory problems. However, with the use of a vaporizer, you can be assured that your lungs and respiratory system are much safer. A vaporizer can help release the various compounds of cannabis while reducing the damage it deals with our respiratory system. Vaporizers heat medicinal plants to a boiling temperature while reducing the amount of smoke according to your selection. A vaporizer doesn’t burn but simply dehydrates the buds to release their yield without the need to start a fire. Common immediate effects like irritation of windpipe and the heat exposure on the lungs are often experienced in normal smoking, but with a vaporizer, these issues are not a problem anymore.

The Pax Vaporizer

Lauded and recommended among the vaporizers in the cannabis market, the Pax vaporizer by bloom is a highly functioning technology especially for cannabis smokers and those alike. Pax comes with high-quality packaging with a sleek mouthpiece that is tucked into a shell. This is extremely useful so it won’t be exposed when you are not using it. The main controls are easy buttons that you would simply push and it will pop up to use.

The device weighs 95 grams, striking with its 4 in. aluminium outer shell. It’s shaped like an oversized lighter and is very handy. It comes in two colours of cobalt blue and amethyst purple. It is a special tool, with simple uses but solves a lot of problems for the average smoker. One of the greatest things about owning a pax vaporizer is its convenience. You can actually carry it around, stuff in your pocket or in your carry bag. If you wish to be discrete while smoking you should try a pax vaporizer.

Aside from its internal accelerometer that indicates battery life, it also has LED lighting that informs the user of the processes it is doing. For instance, it turns bright red when it is warming and green when it is conserving energy. It is built-in with controls for changing the three temperature settings.
It allows three heating settings:

Low – 370° F / 188° Celsius
Medium – 390° F / 193° Celsius
High – 410° F / 210° Celsius

The heating settings make it very convenient and easy to handle. You can decide for yourself how warm or baked your loaves can be. All you have to do is press the button to cycle through the heat settings, and voila it will bake your weed for you. When the light is in Yellow it means it is in low heat, Orange for medium and Red for high heat. When you’re done you can easily tuck the mouthpiece and you’re good to go.

It has a magnetic closure fastened to its sleek and smooth bowl design. The oven uses a magnet system to hold the cap in place. You simply need to push it down and wait for it to pop up before you remove the lid. It can hold more than enough cannabis to get 20 draws or as little as 0.2 g of herbs for about ten satisfying draws. It dehydrates leaves into a completely consistent and stable roast. It is powered by a powerful conduction oven that is turned on by a push-button near the mouthpiece. Pax vaporizer champions among other user-friendly vaporizers.

Pax powers a lithium-ion battery which can be charged 2-3 hours. It also has a USB-based charging system that enables easy portability and usability. Despite its occasional clogging, its design is built for easy cleaning and drying. The mouthpiece might cause a problem for some for it prevents users from prying it off easily. If you’re still unsure how to use pax vaporizer, read these easy steps to get a good idea.

Tips on Using Pax Vaporizer:

1. Load the mini-oven of the herbs you want to use. Pack it completely with approximately 0.4 grams. Also, make sure your herbs are finely grounded. It will help in the taste, thickness and quality after it’s baked.
2. Clean the vaporizer after 10 uses or less. Cleaning will make it more efficient to use. Don’t worry cleaning takes only around 10 minutes, so it is not too much of a work.
3. When the device turns green, means it is ready to use.
4. When smoking, hit it slowly so the vapour will be thicker. Get smoking and Enjoy!


Overall Pax is a great vaporizer. It is extremely easy to use. It offers long battery life. The only thing is maybe Ploom spent much on the design rather than its function. And despite its almost perfect features, pax vaporizer still has some minor flaws. Sometimes it can leave the loaves over baked or uneven baked if set in high temperature or not stirred well. This error can be avoided if the users make use of its temperature settings. Be sure to keep the temperature adjustment according to your needs. Some have also complained of the taste is a bit similar to plastic. Another flaw is in its design. Some users have dropped the pax vaporizer and it was broken for good. You also can’t have it repaired if outside warranty period, and they don’t have a repair service.


Due to its popularity, illegal producers have produced fake versions of it. These poor imitations have an almost similar design but poor usability. To avoid getting ripped off, buy pax vaporizers only from authorized dealers. Auction or buy and sell website that sells pax cannot be trusted, so if you can don’t buy pax vaporizer in such sites.

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