Sharing the Internet connection on Windows XP/ 98/ 2000- tips and tricks

If you have only one computer at your home, you probably many reasons for the establishment of another computer to think. One of the top reasons to have multiple computers, allowing two or more people uses the Internet at once. But this convenience comes with a catch. Even if you want to install more computers at home are likely to connect to the Internet. This means that you can share a path for all computers on a single connection.

internet sharing

However, the better the figure of users is more important than the bandwidth for both of them will be low because the users sharing the flow. So, when 4 persons connected to a broadband 256 Kb/s, it is only 64 kb/s per person, 7 or 8 kb/s per person.

There is a lot of software that can carry out this task, though Windows XP, Windows 98 and Windows 2000 provide this functionality natively.

We use the address for computer # 1, which is connected by the internet (the others are respectively the IP addresses,, The server on Windows XP/98/2000

To ICS on the host computer (the one with an Internet connection), click the right mouse button on “My Network Places” on your desktop and select Properties from the menu. Right-click on the icon for the connection and select Properties. Then click the “Advanced” tab and check the box other network users through this computer‘s Internet connection and the other two boxes to connect. Then click OK and close the Network Connections window.

Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP

If this option is not accessible on the “Advanced” tab; you can simply use the setup wizard at the bottom of the map and states that “the computer is directly connected to the Internet. The other computers on the network connect to the Internet through this computer. “! Clients running Windows XP/98/2000

the next step is to configure the gateway on the clients. The gateway is the IP address of computer # 1, an Internet connection, or in your case.

“Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)” in “General” tab, type, as a gateway for each client. In the “General”, tab click “Use the following DNS server addresses” and then enter the following information:
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server: nill

They communicate to the DNS (Domain Name Server) primary and secondary game.
Windows Server 98

The share of the connection of a computer running Windows 98, you must first “Internet Connection Sharing”. We should go to / Settings / Control Panel / Software Start / Windows Setup / Internet Tools menu and then “Internet Connection Sharing” option. Confirm with “OK” and enter the directory of the CD-ROM of Windows 98 when prompted.
Client on Windows 98

it is essential to the clients (other computers on the network), configure them to know that the link is on the computer1. The “bridge” the window “TCP / IP Properties”, re-enter as the gateway and make sure you click Add. In the “DNS Configuration”, “Enable DNS” and then enter the following information:

Host: Name of the Computer1 / / for all computers (except computer1 itself)

Under “DNS Server Search Order” write “″ and click “Add”.

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