Small business loans in abroad

Small business loans in abroad:

United States: to ensure safety to encourage lending

The U.S. government has not given commercial financial institutions “issued” management objectives, particularly through the institutions of the financial policy of corporate governance to provide the guarantee fund, guide financial institutions for loans to small businesses. In addition, the guarantee credit of the United States, commercial banks also have a lot of initiative, regardless of whether the loan, but to ask the government guarantee.

Administration in the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) as ChangSheXing agencies of the federal government’s main task is to help develop small businesses, especially small businesses to provide all sorts of loan guarantees, helping small companies to solve the problems of inadequate funding.

In addition, the United States has also established a special fund to finance, provide financial assistance of the company. Investment risk is a small business, including high technology and new business development incubator and catalyst. The United States also established and improved support for corporate finance and regulations, including the Companies Act, the Companies Act of economic policy, small rewards method of business investment, ” “Company Law” and so on.

Germany: tax cuts and funding for Small business

Germany has “a basket of plan” to promote small business development, said the priority is the funding of SMEs.

Government financial support mainly includes: one is the guarantee of funding. Based on the base of the guild bank guarantee to secure the loan of the company, the federal government took a stake, with low-interest rates to ensure long-term loans from banks responsible way help of small business; 2 is the support of the direct loan. In special circumstances, banks will lend to the bank policy of the company, and then make sure the bank to refinance the company, 3 is the contribution of the investment. Policy banks may also participate in private equity company; four is the guarantee of funding for system replacement.small business loans

Since 1984, German companies at the favorable special offer: for most companies’ craft are exempt from business tax, tax threshold increase business, improve the rate of depreciation of professional equipment, etc.

In addition, the German government in the stock market requires some new markets in a special way to help businesses in the capital market.

Japan escort overall policy for small business

The Japanese government with the exception of companies directly in response to the industrial policy of lending policy, payment companies created special financial institutions, private financial institutions on terms more favourable for direct loans from the company.

Currently, financial institutions have a “financial holding company of the public library,” “the national library of public finance”, “consider this combination of the Central Treasury.” This is the company to offer less than 2 to 3% of the market is long-term preferential loans.

To promote and regulate the company has established the nature of the cooperation of financial institutions to meet their financing needs, Japan has made the law on the Treasury credit “and other laws, a member of the credit Treasury Department limited company or an individual key, especially for its members to provide financial services. In addition, the Japanese company in the comprehensive help system is also the nature of mutual help and cooperation.

The legislation of the Japanese government to form a “credit guarantee association” and “Library of credit to public enterprises,” the company had taken credit for people’s bank security. The risk for Japan funds also developed, emerging high technology companies offer “investment risk”. Ordinary commercial banks to finance the company also played an important role, in addition to local banks and special finance institutions outside the city also began to bank loans of the company

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