SmarterASP.NET Review, Pros And Cons

SmarterASP.NET Web Hosting Review

SmarterASP.NET is one of the privately-owned ASP.NET hosting companies. When it comes to performance, it is proving a world-class performance for the Windows Operating System. It is providing predominant web assistance to the government administrations. The business, apart from the government web assistance, speaks for the territorial enlistments, specific users and provides numerable solutions as the online hosts. They offer a reliable speed along with the unlimited bandwidth performance capacity. Even the various hosting plans are cheaply rated and are quite affordable. They ensure that all the customers are being provided with maximum security.

SmarterASP.NET talks about the internet-related security where you get an advantage of all the smart expenses in the American subcontinent. Though you are not being made available with nay extra featured product, you will be linked with the peace and safety measures. You will enjoy the free email set up with almost no hindering transmitting emails or messages.

Key factor

Infrastructure: SmarterASP.NET service makes use of the Intel microprocessor which has got multiple numbers of cores and hard drives with a good speed. They have got three data centers with the top quality bandwidth services, namely the AR & T, Global Crossing, and Level3. They even have proper processes placed, which ensure that only usage of 30% of the bandwidth is done.

Uptime guarantee: SmartASP.NET promises to offer a 99.9% uptime. The company is so much confident for this that it even offers a month free service in case the site goes down for every hour.

Customer assistance service: The company executives are always ready to offer 24*7 services by raising supports tickets. They even provide with a live chat system on the website and can be considered as a good way to fetch the support.

Billing: Every customer is billed at the end of the month, including charges for their domain name. Customers are even offered a discount if they pay for 2 or 3 years in advance. The company offers a free trial service period for the first 60days. They even accept payments via multiple methods like PayPal, Debit card, and Credit cards.

In addition, to the shared hosting facility, SmarterASP.NET even offers, the VPS and the semi-dedicated server plans. Every VPS plans are provided with the IP address with the support for the operating system and the databases. The plans vary only in terms of the amount of RAM provided; disk space, bandwidth, and the CPU speed.

They offer a semi-dedicated server compared to the dedicated server plan. In the semi-dedicated plans, the server hosts a few numbers of websites while in the dedicated plans just one website is hosted.

Besides the standard plan offered, the reseller plan is even offered to the Windows servers. SmartASP.NET takes complete care of the various network administrations. Reseller plans provide you with the VPS facility and the semi-dedicated hosting plans. The plans, however, do vary on the amount of space allocated for the disk to the bandwidth amount. 

Some of the prominent answers to why we should choose SmarterASP.NET are as follows:

•    It helps you in providing a service which guarantees for 99.9% uptime. With high-quality service, SmarterASP.NET makes sure that the work becomes easier.

•    They provide you with a one-click solution for the installation procedure. You are already getting the unlimited bandwidth solution for the right programs along with the email space. Hence, you quite reliably would want to avail the service.

•    They are being backed up with the best applications like the ASP.NET and the PHP software. Hence, one can easily install things by simply answering a few things.

•    There are various plans offered, and one can easily alter and switch to the plans as per the requirements. You might tailor it with time and decide which plan you should probably go with.

•    They even provide you with a proper detailed knowledge base wherein you can get all the information required. It is even regarded as great from the learning aspect as there are a number of features available for the learning purpose.

•     They provide you with the quick solutions which will help you to have your website set up done and hosted in a short span of time. Hence, the management requirement is quite simple for the website with a quick startup up facility.

•     With every tier of hosting plans, one can have an unlimited number of email accounts. Hence, one can easily get every one of the company members to get linked up with the dedicate email.

•    The pricing of the plans is perfectly done with reliable assistance in their service. You even get the option of the multiple setup features and hence, making use of the SmarterASP.NET quite easier.

•    The customer’s executives are always ready to provide you support at any time.  You can even live chat with them if it is more convenient to you. In the end, you even get the option of refund within the 60days if you find that the service fails to meet your expectation level.

Pros of the SmarterASP.NET

•    They give a free trial version of the products, for a particular period of time.

•    It has got good uptime score record.

•    They have an excellent team of people who are always ready to provide 24*7 service to all its customer.

•    The resources are made available in all three levels.

Cons of the SmarterASP.NET

•    They impose a higher domain price.


The best part is that the users can make use of the trail packs in the initial stage. They can switch to the purchased plans as per the requirement otherwise can even reject the plan before the trial version expires. Therefore, it can be said that the SmarterASP.NET has come up as one of the smart solutions for the users, which targets the developers, individuals, and the business. So, even if you are not involved as the developer, support is equally offered for the multiple Visual Studio versions of the ASP.

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