TMDHosting Review, Pros And Cons

TMDhosting Review

TMD hosting is considered to be an ideal choice for all the people who wish to seek for quality web hosting services. Coming up as one of the promising web hosts, it is serving people all around the globe for over a decade.

TMD Hosting Plans

TMD Hosting is offering a number of hosting plans which includes Shared, VPS Cloud, Reseller, Dedicated, and WordPress Managed.

Shared Hosting: This hosting plan is divided into three tiers, namely Starter, Business, and the Enterprise. All the standard features like the Free Domain, cPanel support, and NGINX web server is offered. The only difference is in the additional features offered like the Memcache and the WildCard SSL in the higher plans.

VPS Hosting: The VPS Hosting plans are divided into five tiers plan namely the Starter, Original, Smart, E_Commerce, and the Super Powerful plan. It gives complete flexibility to scale up and let the website grow easily. When it comes to the resources, it offers space of around 200GB and bandwidth of around 10TB in its highest tier.

Cloud Hosting: it has the same three tiers as the Shared Hostings plan. The only difference is of the resources among the plans.

Managed WordPress Hosting: For the WordPress users, this hosting is beneficial as it offers cheap service with the proper optimization. Along with all the standard features, there is even configuration made from before so that the improved performance could be witnessed for the websites.

Reseller Hosting: In his hosting, only three-tier plans are offered namely Standard, enterprise, and the professional one. With the unlimited web hosting facility, the bandwidth range offered varies from 700GB to 2000GB.

Dedicated Hosting: It offers the most powerful server resources offered by the TMD Hosting. Their plans are further divided into four tiers, namely the Starter, Original, Smart, and the Super Powerful plan. Along with the premium support and the unlimited bandwidth capacity, one gets an improved storage capacity facility as high as 32GB DDR4 RAM.

After proper testing and checking work have done, one can come up with the below-mentioned points for the pros and cons list.

Pros And Cons Of TMD Hosting

Let’s Begin with Pros Of TMD Hosting

Good Server performance: If you make a comparison, you will find that TMD hosting has the ability to match up equally with the top-level company of the industry with its performance. They come up with the stronger uptime rates along with the amazing speed and faster response from the servers.

Easy to use the dashboard of the user: TMD hosting has made it is portal dashboard quite simple and accessible to the different users. Hence, all the affairs can be easily maintained within that convenient and friendly dashboard.

Clear guidelines on the limitation of servers: TMD hosting makes all its guidelines and limitations quite transparent when the entire thing comes to the server usage Yo will find much similar company tends to be vague and unclear with their limitations. At the same time, TMD hosting has even got the CPU seconds in every month limit to every hosting account. Whenever the limits get exceeded, some alerts are being sent to every user. Hence, if the person feels like that there is a need to upgrade from the existing plans for the growth, they would do for the website.

Money pack back guarantee: Every user is being provided with a reasonable time of around 60days to test the TMD hosting. Generally as per the time set up by the industry standard is limed to 30days. But, the TMD hosting offers 60days as the sampling and checking period.

Discounts for the new sign up made: TMD hosting offers a good amount to the very user. Their price list varies only as per the different hash tag plans. They have to enable the higher version. hence, numerous service could be used up at a discounted price. Therefore the amount charged for the services is always considered to be reasonable.

Selection of the hosting location: If you wish to make a selection about the particular content,  TMD hosting provides you with the multiple numbers of the hosting locations. Hence, for every customer, a wide variety list of services is being offered.

Weebly builder: Weebly is one of the website builders, which helps you to make a new website without making use of the coding security purpose. Hence, even the people who do not possess many technical ideas even create one working website simply in a few minutes.

Friendly customer support assistance: The customer support people are very helpful and are always available after almost every alternate day. They get connected with us via live chats message or via phone and provide the continuous supportive help in the sense senses in a consistent manner. They even easily transfer all the data and web files from the existing website in almost free of cost.

Cons Of TMD Hosting

Lack of automatic back up facility: As per the industry standards, generally for the database back up a time period of 7 to 14days should be allowed. But the  TMD hosting only offers a period of 5days for the database retention period and an extra day only for the retention. Though, free back up feature is allowed to the users, but still, a number of things need to be figured out.

Price gets hiked up after the initial term: Though TMD hosting begins with an affordable cost, the renewal prices get hiked up in a significant manner which needs to be properly evaluated. The sign-up price is fixed up for $2.95 in every month while the renewal cost is$8.95 in a month; therefore, to be calculative, it is almost the double of the cost.

Offers limited to the standard CloudFlare package only: Currently, TMD Hosting is only offering the standard packaging for the different hosting plans. You will find that with a similar amount of money invested, you can make use of the different methods in order to enjoy the improved sped of the page and good optimization skills.


Therefore at the end, it can be said that the TMD Hosting comes forward with a wide range variety of products along with the problems which are even quite transparent.

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