Use mouse/keyboard in windows- Tips and Tricks

The new screen of Enthusiasm City is the best place to play, but what about the rabbit and keypad users?

We’ve created some suggestions and ways to help you all along the way with eight frequent House windows personal computers. You can statement if you contain further, and we are changing the list and tips and tricks.

To generate the present screen securely, increase click the rabbit or click a switch instead of the laptop keypad of the get from the top
The “beauty bar” (shutdown, arrangement settings, talk about etc.), click cheaper eventually left position of the present screen through the rabbit – no click or press WinKey + c
It can be done in each of the software, right-click “application bar” present screen for all to see
To come back to the desktop, just use the House windows keypress on your keyboard
Knock your rabbit to the eventually left of the present screen to present pictures of the most frequent. Use the Click rim to view all start programs, modern
Newer programs generally not be shut – it will be stopped if they are in a partnership. If you actually require concluding, use the Endeavor Supervisor (Ctrl + Alt + Delete) to end a life
For those looking for something in the system, such as programs, arrangement settings or information, just start coming into the desktop, and in the search box looks immediately, or press WinKey + f
A look at the desk with Winkey + and
Activation of the allure of the arrangement of the software using the WinKey + and
Project in an outside TV / Check with WinKey + p
Utilize the PAGE UP & PAGE DOWN to the communities of flooring going on the house screen
Bump with the rabbit eventually left and take the software, if you take to the right, convert eventually left, complete the following software (Thanks to Tom Servo)
Pin / or programs to eliminate reduce flooring with the right rabbit switch on the desktop of the clothing (Thanks @ Freddy Fuentes)
Let City uses a semantic move with Control + Mouse
Set the laptop keypad structure and vocabulary with Winkey + Space
Desktop via Winkey + d
Attractive start WinKey + H shares
Open allure mixed WinKey + k
PC with House windows 8 prevent WinKey + l
Locking the present screen to move as WinKey + a
Browse through the software using WinKey + Tab
Switching between programs using Alt + Tab

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