Using Multi-Media and Technology In the Courtroom

A excellent demo lawyer who is familiar with how to use words to paint vivid shots in the minds of jurors can in all probability attempt their circumstance without the need of any visuals. But with developing use of CGI, on-demand from customers media, and shrinking focus spans, multi-generational jurors have come to be accustomed to articles delivered in brilliant bursts of gentle, colour, seem, and movement.

Believe of the hundreds of thousands of viewers of superior-tech criminal offense dramas—as jurors they count on advanced legal professionals representing innovative clients to carry a minor of that exact graphics magic to the courtroom. In other words, in most circumstances it will be significant to incorporate some sort of multimedia into your presentation.

But here’s the unavoidable kicker: it’s equally vital not to drop into the trap of overusing your media. You will danger dropping the direct, own, effective connection solid between a trial law firm and the jury. You cannot construct rapport if there is often a laptop or computer in the way.

For each individual fireworks show of computer graphics that grabbed your awareness on CSI, there was an equally powerful second on Law & Order where a passionate Jack McCoy utilised only his phrases to persuade the jury. In some way, Jack McCoy clicking by way of PowerPoint slides just would not have had the very same influence.

How to Increase Your Media Impression

  • We just cannot anxiety this enough: your graphics’ titles are an a must have (and effortless!) put to reinforce your place/situation concept. Title your graphic powerfully to be certain your jury connects that graphic with particularly what you want them to remember. Can titles be objected to? Confident, but with PowerPoint you can edit the slide in seconds at counsel desk.

  • Over all, vary the use of your media. Like far too much foie gras, even the greatest graphics will shed their luster if they are all you supply the jury.

How to Combine Up Your Media

In your opening, consider a easy narrative PowerPoint that can anchor your critical points with out disrupting that all-significant personal connection with the jury. If doable, and allowable by the courtroom, use a PowerPoint remote so you can walk about the courtroom freely.

In the course of direct and cross examination, use trial presentation applications like TrialDirector or OnCue. As opposed to PowerPoint, these apps give you large versatility to leap from any show or online video clip in seconds.

Don’t forget the ease and impact of one particular or two great old-fashioned poster enlargements (“blow-ups”) mounted on foam main. Just due to the fact it’s old school doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. For example, assume about employing blow-ups that can serve as a rapid reminder of vital phrases, definitions, or the structure of an significant spot.

Speaking of old faculty, almost nothing reinforces the factors you score on cross extra efficiently than composing them in real time on a major flip chart. Then, deliver the flip chart back for your closing to travel dwelling those details.

Use a person or two anchor graphics in assist of your expert’s testimony. This can be a excellent time to flaunt individuals extravagant graphics—a superior-driven computer animation might be just proper for that MIT-properly trained engineer. On the other hand, Joe Pesci made excellent use of a simple stack of Polaroids when he place Marisa Tomei on the stand in My Cousin Vinny. In other text, the graphics need to complement the topic subject and the witness.

In your closing, contemplate a further PowerPoint that will insert commentary to testimony, video clip clips, or skilled graphics. You may well also locate it helpful to use a straightforward blow-up of your timeline to provide the jury again to the fundamentals of your situation after your opponent has tried to confuse them.


Electronic visible aids can be a much-anticipated and remarkably successful medium for presenting a scenario to the jury, but fantastic trial lawyers—like terrific storytellers—know how and when to use them. They know when to trip the cutting edge and when to retain it “old faculty.” And, of training course, they know when to set everything else apart and just communicate.

Each and every interaction medium has its part to perform, and the correct harmony should really be dictated by the case alone. But no make a difference the relative stability you determine on, remember that it’s called multi-media for a reason. Variety keeps your jurors interested.

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