Web Hosting Hub Review, Pros And Cons

WebHostingHub.com Review

The company of Virginia, namely the Web Hosting Hub, is offering web-based hosting solutions to any business entity, has become one of the popular choices among the business owners. It is helping business entity of all sizes to gain a strong online presence. It is even ideal for those people who do not have much knowledge relating to web hosting. All the aspects of the website can be easily customized with simple, easy commands. Even the features like enough storage space with unlimited bandwidth make it more preferable.

Web Hosting Plans

Whenever, you will have to decide which hosting option plan you need to opt for, you must ponder about your requirement. Some of the factors which can be taken under consideration before making any decision include:

•    The number of domains or websites that you would require to be hosted by your account

•    The number of databases you would need

•    Which datacenter would you like to host all your accounts from?

 Some of the best plans offered by the Web Hosting Hubs include:

•    Spark Plan: This plan supports two websites, ten databases, and provides 25 sub domain facilities by imposing a cost of only $4.99 in a month. It is best suited for the entry-level stage.

•    Nitro Plan: This plan supports unlimited websites, unlimited databases along with the unlimited sub domain facilities by imposing a cost of only $6.99 in a month. It is best suited for the growing website.

•    Dynamo Plan: This plan supports unlimited websites, unlimited databases along with the unlimited sub domain facilities by imposing a cost of only $8.99 in a month. It is best suited for the established website.

Regardless of any plan which you opt for you are always provided with the:

•    Free domain name facility

•    Unlimited solid storage capacity

•    Free SSL certificates

•    Unlimited bandwidth

•    Unlimited inbox and email accounts facilities

Pros And Cons Of Web Hosting Hub

Lets Begin With Pros Of Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub offers a good speed service because of the advanced technology used by them at a reasonable cost. So, there are many aspects where they have shown positive responses.

•    The enhanced pace of page loading: This is really amazingly noted that the Web Hosting Hub makes sure that the time taken for loading the pages is around 19.2% faster compared to the other competitors. 

•    Round the clock customer support service: This is regarded as one of the killer decision while taking any deal. The Web Hosting Hub has got a good team of people who are always ready to provide assistance and fix the different problem in no time.

•    Easy set up of Blog and website: It is said that the person having even the least knowledge of technical background could even sign up the entire set up procedure.

•    Free site migrating service: Web Hosting Hub easily transfers up to 3 websites along with the databases easily. At the same time, it even promises zero downtime during the working procedure.

•    Get the best domain name free of cost: If you are about to start the business or wish to make a new website for your company, then you will be happy to know that the domain name offered for the website is completely free of cost.

•    Money payback guarantee: The Web Hosting Hub offers refund policies. They make sure to satisfy you fully with their work. However, if you dislike their service, you can freely claim for the amount invested. So, you can consider that this site offers you a facility to test the drives. But, there are some of the services included in the terms and conditions list for which no refund is offered.

•    Make use of the environmentally friendly policies: Web Hosting Hub has the best energy efficient data centers, which make sure that the reduced usage of energy is done. By making use of the various technologies, they have been able to reduce the cooling cost by almost 70%. At the same time, it is even stated that the carbon output has even reduced by over 2000 tons in a year.

•    Better uptime level: As per the test conducted, it is stated that the Web Hosting Hub has the average uptime record even better than the industry.

Cons of Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub has a list of positive factor. Still, there are some drawbacks where they fail to meet the expectations of the people.

•    Offers shared hosting facility only: Web Hosting Hub makes sure that things work in a simple manner and hence provide only the shared hosting facility. However, the larger websites preferably make use of the dedicated hosting facilities for the larger sites which needs proper resources to run in an uninterrupted manner.

•    Old tricks related to price: The plans offered are all for the purpose of the long term either three years or a year. In order to promote, they calculate the cost to show you how much it would cost in a month. But, you cannot think of having any monthly package facility.

•    Additional charges for the enhanced backup and security level: Daily backup facility is very beneficial and is something which everyone is looking for. Web Hosting Hub offers this daily backup facility by charging an extra dollar in a month.

•    Delay in the activation procedure: In order to verify the various account details collected, Web Hosting Hub takes a lot of time. Well, it is for the security purpose of the user, but it proves to be much frustrating most of the time.


However, it can be said that the Web Hosting Hub even provides you the easy site managing ability with the cPanel. Every on boarding procedure is personalized, and hence, the website can be managed without any hassle. Even Web Hosting Hub offers easily changing the plans almost at any time quite easily. So, you can both upgrade as well as downgrade the plans as per your requirement. So, without any hesitation, it is highly recommended.

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