What Is SSL Certificate And How It Affects SEO

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer ) Certificates

Getting Started:

While you are accessing any website from your internet browser, there is an interrupted link between the browser and the webserver which is called SSL. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a security technology which is required for protecting and encrypting the data transfer between browser and web server. In order to establish a secure connection using an SSL connection, the webserver needs to have the SSL certificate. In this article, we will discuss in-depth about the SSL certificate and the procedure to get it for your web server. We will also care about some doubts about the SSL certificates and can they affect the SEO.

SSL Certificate and How to Get it:

SSL Certificate is the certification of the security level of your website web server, which is being accessed using the browser. To get the SSL certificate for your web server, SSL activation is required. To complete the verification process, you need to answer several questions to confirm the identification of the website. After you have successfully verified your website web server, then two cryptographic keys were created by the webserver of your website. 

Those keys are a public key and private key, the public key is located in the certificate signing request (CSR). This file contains all the details about the website which is needed to be submitted. Now the certification process will get started, then the certification authority will try to verify the details which you have provided in order to provide you with an SSL certificate. After the SSL certificate has been provided to you, which will get matched to the private key of your web server. 

After all the procedure is completed, then the web server will be allowed to create an encrypted link between itself and the web browser which the customer is using to access. Although this complete procedure will not be informed to the user using the browser to access the website. Although they will receive an indication through their web browser, that the website which the user is accessing is encrypted and protected by the SSL encryption session. This indication is basically represented by a lock icon which is displayed on the address bar of the internet browser just before the website URL. 

In order to get the details about the SSL certificate, the user is needed to click on the lock icon which will reveal the complete details about the SSL encrypted session. All the SSL certificates issued for the encryption of the link between the web server and web browser is issued for the company or the particular owner of the website. Name of your company, your complete address along with country and state, and even your domain name will be provided in the SSL certificate for your web browser. 

Not only the following details will be provided, but you will also get to see the expiry date of the SSL certificate along with the complete details of the certificate issuing authority. If you are trying to get connected to the website which will immediately check for the SSL certificate along with the expiry date, if the SSL certificate is up to date then the browser will get connected to the webserver. 

In any case, the SSL certificate fails to you have the up to date details for the expiry date is over, then the browser will issue a warning about the website is not secured to browse. Now the next choice is entirely depending on the user either they want to visit the non-encrypted website, they might wait for the next SSL certification for that following website.

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Types of SSL Certificates:

After you have learned about the SSL certificates, now we will discuss the types of SSL certificates. There are 5 different types of SSL certificates available, and we have provided the details in order to choose the correct SSL certificate for your website.

  1. Single Domain SSL Certificate:

A single-domain SSL certificate is for encrypting the websites with a single domain as the name states it clearly. So, if your website is having subdomains then this certification will not work for your website. A single-domain SSL certificate is best for the website or the blog for small business. If you are having a domain name along with several subdomains then this SSL certification is not for you to encrypt your website. This SSL certificate is mostly used by the websites, although all the official certificate provides similar features to the websites.

  1. Multiple Domain SSL Certificate:

Multiple domain SSL certificates will encrypt several domains with one certification. Multiple domain SSL certificates will also encrypt the subdomains along with the primary domain of your website. Few of the users are also using multiple domains to flourish their business or blog, so multiple domain SSL certificates are the best way to encrypt their website.

  1. Wildcard SSL Certificate:

Wildcard SSL certificate will provide the encryption to you only the single domain along with the link subdomains on that similar domain. So basically, this castle certificate will not provide encryption to multiple domains, it is somewhere between single-domain SSL certificate and multiple domain SSL certificates. Check the example in order to clear the confusion about the support wild card SSL certificate. These following types of domains will be encrypted by the SSL certificate.

  1. www.domainname.com
  2. subdomain.domainname.com
  3. new.domianname.com
  4. old.domainname.com
  5. Organization SSL Certificate:

An organization SSL certificate is entirely similar to the single-domain SSL certificate. It only provides encryption to only one domain name, although the only thing the owner needs to do is to who provide the organization details in order to authenticate. Basically, the organization SSL certificate is not much different from single-domain SSL certificate other than authentication of the organization. This type of SSL certificates is mainly used by school and college websites, also several business organizations also use this type of SSL certificate for encrypting their website.

  1. Extended SSL Certificate:

If you are using a website for your organization and you want to validate your website apart from SSL certificate with legal corporation then this one is for you. Extended SSL certificate will not only ask you to authenticate your organization, but it also needs to verify all the details of the organization to complete the verification of the domain. 

This certification will also state the legal corporation before issuing an SSL certificate to encrypt the website. So, this type of SSL certificate requires more time to set up for your website. This SSL certification is used by major websites like social media websites. This website will be having enhanced green bar in the Google Chrome browser along with lock icon. These websites are the most secure website as they are having daily large traffic.

How SSL Certificate Affects SEO:

We have described the encryption of the website and the SSL certificate in this article for you. Now we will discuss the effects which you might face on website SEO. SSL certificate will definitely affect the website SEO in different ways, you have described the complete details in this article for you.

  1. Search Engine Ranking Boosted:

The websites with SSL certificate are encrypted websites, which will have advantages over the other non-encrypted websites available on the internet. As the users will feel more secure while accessing those websites, as most of the websites which are required to have online payment will surely need SSL certification in order to gain the trust of the customers. Although the other factors which are provided by the SEO will remain the same apart from Google. 

Although the exact effects on the SEO of the SSL certificate cannot be completely described. But you also need to keep this in mind that, if your website is having powerful backlinks rather than encryption then it will not provide many effects on the SEO. There is a misconception among several website owners, that the SSL certificate will improve the ranking on the SEO. 

Although if they’re also using the other SEO apart from Google then they will definitely get a major boost in the ranking among other websites. So, this is one of the best ways to overtake other websites which are not having an SSL certificate, and you will get the chance to rank in the top of the search engine result page. 

  1. Improved user experience will improve SEO:

SSL certificate on your website will definitely improve the user experience, which is one of the important steps needed to be taken by the website owners. Nowadays the customers who visit the websites will definitely look for the website is secure or not, if the website is not having an SSL certificate then they will stop browsing it. Google Chrome browser will definitely provide the complete details on the website being encrypted or not to the users. 

Basically, this is one of the best steps taken by Google by providing awareness about internet Security among internet users. We can definitely say that the customers who are browsing several websites on the internet and now more aware of Internet Security. As most of the cases, the users will quit browsing the website instantly if there are being warned about the website not being safe and not having the SSL certificate. So, the websites which are not having the SSL certificate will be having poor user experience which will eventually affect the ranking on the SEO. 

Websites with poor user experience will not remain at the ranking of the SEO for consistently. Each time users searching for keyboard in Google, then Google will provide them with several websites matching the keywords by ranking them. In case even the website is having better ranking in SEO but not having an SSL certificate, will eventually land up in the Google Chrome indicator page. That indicator page will show that the website is not encrypted and it is unsafe to browse the website. 

Now the user can either go back to the search result and try another website, or they can continue with the answer website from the Google Chrome indicator page. So this is one of the major effects which can be faced if the website is not having SSL certification. Each and every SSL certificate website will be having an HTTPS protocol, which will ensure the encryption of the website. 

Although Google checks for the user reviews about those unsafe websites, in case most of the users are avoiding any dangerous website with a better ranking, then Google will instantly demote the site in the SEO ranking. The demotion is based on the user reviews, as the users are avoiding the website to visit it is not worthy of being on the better ranking of the SEO. In case the multiple sites are facing a similar dilemma due to the lack of SSL certificate, the Domino effect will push the site even for the down in the ranking of the SEO. 

This will decrease the traffic on those websites, which will also decrease the chance of creating backlinks, viral traffic or even higher engagement rate. So, we will definitely recommend the website owners to get the SSL certification in order to get the trust of the customers who are visiting the website using the web browser. 

Wrapping Things Up:

SSL certificates for the complete encryption of your website link is mandatory. In this article, we have completely described the SSL certificate and the method to get it for your web server. SSL certificate encryption also allows the user to feel secure while accessing your website in their web browser. As most of the websites and users may face online hackers and malicious links. 

Which can be eliminated by encrypting the data transfer link between the web server and the browser. Even if your what did about the effects on the SEO after the SSL certificate encryption, then why would recommend you to read the complete article carefully. Share this informative article with others, so that they get to know about the SSL certification for the website and the webserver.

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