Why Softaculous Is Popular And Used By Many Hosting Providers


Softaculous is a great auto-installer which is used for installing web applications with a single click. There are several applications needed to be installed which can be made easy by Softaculous. It is one of the most used auto-installers as it can easily integrate with several control panels, those leading control panels include cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, InterWorx, H-Sphere, etc. In this article, we will discuss why it is mostly used and does it worth its features.

What is Softaculous:

Softaculous is considered as the best auto-installer which is used for installing several applications. The applications which can be installed using Softaculous are content management system, forums, blogs, E-Commerce solutions, polls, etc. Not only you can easily install several web applications, but it also features auto backup feature which can be used for backing up installations for further use. Most of the time Softaculous is available for free If you are using dedicated servers or managed servers. Even though Softaculous is not available for free, but most of the applications are available as open-source which can be used for free.

Reason to Use Softaculous:

One of the major reasons to use Softaculous is that you can easily install WordPress and phpBB packages using it. You do not need to manually set up these packages, as Softaculous does everything for you in this installation process. It will create a database and also set up permissions for the web contents. Not only that you can use Softaculous creating the complete backup of the software which you are going to install. 

You can also easily uninstall the installed applications using the Softaculous. So basically, Softaculous is used by most of the data centres and several hosting companies. They use this for auto-installing applications, and it is one of the most highly rated auto-installer software available in the market. Not only you can auto-install and backup applications, but it is also used for restoring and even clone applications without having any knowledge of technicality. 

Softaculous also allows the users to browse through several applications according to reviews and ratings and install them. So, it will relieve you from manually installing applications and no need to ask the technical support of the applications in order to install them for you. Let us clear the information by giving you small statistics, and it is prepared according to the shared hosting servers. 

If you are requesting the technical support to install 10 applications per month, which will take around 10 minutes for installing per application. So, it will cost you are around $40 for installing 10 applications. Whereas Softaculous will charge you the subscription fee of $2 per month, and you can install the applications easily without any technical help by a single click. So, you will be saving $38 per month according to that statistics, and you will be saving around $456 per year.

Features of Softaculous:

If you are interested in Softaculous, then you should definitely read the complete features offered by this software. Once you install it, these features will be available for you to use.

  • It will allow you to easily install any application within a few minutes by a single click on your system.
  • Around 450 application can be easily installed using this software.
  • Frequently get the updates of the applications and it will get automatically installed by the software.
  • Complete documentation of tutorial is available for the usage of API and SDK.
  • The software allows you to check the demos of the application before you can try the actual version of the software installed.
  • Gives you the complete user review and rating of the applications which you are trying to install.
  • Easily backup and restore several applications using the software.
  • Clone applications in order to check the updated features before you can install it on your live website.
  • Multiple install applications, for example, you can install the WordPress theme while installing WordPress itself.
  • Multiple language support is available on the software.
  • 24×7 technical support is available for the users of this software.
  • The software will save your time for installing the applications.
  • It will save your cost of installing the applications using the technical support.
  • No need to rely on the hosting services provider in order to manage the script packages.

Softaculous and Applications:

As you are interested in this software, which is mainly because of the installation of applications. Softaculous provides a large number of applications to choose from so that users can easily choose the appropriate application for their project. The software provides the complete package of maintenance of the application even after the installation process is completed. It will maintain set up and update the application until you have uninstalled it. Which are one of the best ways to keep your website and servers secure, and it is also good for the improvement of the branding of your company.

Things to Know about Softaculous:

These are the few things which you need to know about before using the Softaculous. These are the major factors which make the users use it for installing the applications.

Easy Usage:

The major reason for using this software is the speedy installation of the applications. After the single click of a button, the software uses its ability to install the applications within a few minutes. Basically, no need to use the manual process like uploading files using FTP, uncompressing them and several other procedures which are needed for installation of the applications.

Well Organised:

The applications offered by this software is well organized according to various categories. So basically, it is easier to search for any specific applications which are needed for your project. After the selection of the application you just need to you choose the language in which you want to install the application.

Product Community

Softaculous is having one of the largest community of users who are using this software. You can get involved in this community and get to know about several user reviews and ratings of the applications used by other users. This is one of the best ways to select the applications for the purpose which one to install it on your website. Various active user reviews will help you to funnel out the useless applications.

Complete Security

The best way to provide security on your website and server is by keeping your applications up to date. Softaculous will instantly alert you about the availability of the update of the application which is installed on your website. No need to manually search for the updates and waste your time on searching them and installing them. This procedure will ensure that the attack of the hackers and malicious files can be avoided. The software also protects the personal information of the client and keeps it encrypted. The installation of the application by the software is done on the HTTPS protocol for the security measures.


We have provided the complete details about Softaculous, and the reasons for using it for installing the application. Due to the easy usage and security and several other factors, Softaculous is used by the majority of the users who are hosting their website. We would definitely recommend you to try this software in order to ease out the installation process of the applications. Read the complete details before installing this software.

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